A First-Timer’s Guide For A Memorable Las Vegas Trip

Las Vegas is a great place to take a break because it offers an incredible mix of entertainment, adventure, and relaxation. You will get a perfect thing to do in or around Sin City, no matter what your mood and preferences are. Putting this incredible city on your post-pandemic bucket list is a great idea. The first time promises to be the most exciting one, provided you plan the trip well. 

It is easy to get enthusiastic about the casinos and adult shows in the city and miss out on the other wonders that Las Vegas has to offer. Moreover, you must ensure that the trip does not burn a hole in your wallet. Checking factors like crowds and safe travel time is another concern in pandemic times. While it seems like a lot of work, we have a first-timer’s guide to make things easy. Here are some tips for a memorable first trip to Las Vegas.

Choose the right time

Las Vegas is a busy destination from a tourism perspective. Even during 2020, the city saw millions of visitors, so the numbers will only grow more after travel resumes fully. Spring is the busiest time of the year because the weather is pleasant. Although you will want to skip the crowds during a pandemic vacation, you can travel this spring by choosing the right time. Planning during the mid-week is a good option because relatively fewer people will be around. Besides picking the apt time to travel, make sure you know the pandemic safety measures and mandates in place. Also, book your flights and accommodation on time to avoid last-minute hassles on your first trip to Vegas.

Decide your budget

Your first trip to Las Vegas should not pinch your pocket, so make sure you decide your budget before planning. You may do it even before choosing the holiday period because traveling in the peak season can be expensive. But you may economize the trip without missing out on the best weather. Consider finding deals on airfares or planning a road trip if possible. You can stay in an off-the-Strip hotel to save more money. Moreover, you can look for bundled sightseeing deals to save more. Renting a car for local sightseeing is another good way to cut down expenses on cab rides.

Be ready to walk a lot

As a first-timer, you will find Las Vegas surprisingly large. Most stretches are longer than you may imagine. You should be ready to walk a  lot to explore the city. Pack comfortable walking shoes to carry you through the long walks. You can use crosswalks and bridges to reach your destinations. But avoid using shortcuts as you may get into trouble for jaywalking. City buses are good for long-distance commutes, but you may want to skip public transport to curb the virus risk. Renting a car makes sense as it keeps you safe and saves money.

Do not miss out on adventure tours

Las Vegas is not just about its casinos and nightlife, although you may think that way when you are here for the first time. Ensure you have outdoor adventures on your bucket list because there are endless options. You can explore the hiking trails like Ice Box Canyon or Valley of Fire. Pick a vegas atv rental and get out in the Nevada desert to experience the adventure of a lifetime. The good thing about these rentals is that you only need a driver’s license to get behind the wheel. You get a full tank of gas and safety gear as a part of the deal. Hop on and see a new side of Sin City! 

Try your luck at the casinos

Perhaps the most exciting part of being in the city is that you can try your luck at the illustrious casinos here. It is something every visitor wants to do, whether here for the first time or the hundredth time. But it makes sense to understand the casino rules beforehand to experience the magic while still staying smart. First-timers can stick with straightforward games as it is easy to pick up their mechanics. Playing at the tables with minimal buy-ins is a good option if you love card games. If cards are not your forte, try your luck with slots or opt for classics like Roulette and Bingo.

Mix in live entertainment

Since Vegas has a reputation for being the Entertainment Capital of the World, get your facts straight about your options. You can do some research to narrow down what you want to see when you are here. The Vegas Golden Knights is an all-time favorite when it comes to the best non-casino activities in the city. There are endless options at the hotels in the city, but it is wise to book your place in advance. Live shows may have limited capacities right now, so go through the opening times and safety guidelines before booking.

Carry your essentials

Another piece of advice for first-time tourists to Vegas is to carry the essentials. You may not think a lot about tugging along a refillable water bottle, but it can be your savior in the sunny weather. Moreover, you must pack your favorite sunscreen because you will need sun protection at all times, whether lounging by the pool, touring the city, or driving off-road. Keep a light jacket handy as you will surely need it in the casinos where the air conditioners run at low temperatures. Packing some healthy snacks can save you loads of money.

Your first trip to Vegas should be the best because you expect it to be the most memorable one. Following these simple tips can help you get the most incredible experiences and miss out on nothing when you are in the city. Remember that the destination has much more to offer than you imagine. Discover the endless hidden gems by keeping an open mind and exploring the city and beyond. You will surely love every moment you are here!