Alcohol Diaries: Here’s How You Can Avoid Getting Alcohol Breath

Drinking is undoubtedly one of the best prerogatives of being an adult. However, while drinking once in a while can surely make your night special, it’s the day after when you experience the repercussions. Apart from a splitting hangover and queasiness, alcohol breath is something that most of us hate. 

While some temporary measures can suppress the smell, alcohol breath takes quite a long time to disappear. However, there are precautions you can take to prevent alcohol breath altogether. This article explores some ways you can avoid getting alcohol breath. 

Drinking Water:

When you consume alcohol, it is metabolized by enzymes to eliminate it eventually. Alcohol that is not metabolized is expelled through your breath and urine. In addition to dehydrating you, drinking alcohol dries out your mouth, which breeds bacteria and bad odors. 

Drinking a glass of water with each alcoholic beverage is a great way to stay hydrated. Additionally, drinking water eliminates residual alcohol through urine after consumption.

Avoid Mixing Drinks:

Drinking more than one alcoholic beverage might make your breath smell worse. Each type of alcoholic beverage has its distinctive aroma. Mixed drinks include sweeteners, soda, juice, and simple syrup. 

Since alcohol contains sugar, drinking large amounts of it will increase the likelihood of developing alcoholic breath. Mixed drinks with herbs and spices may smell worse than plain beer, wine, or liquor. Drinking light beers or sticking to just one kind of drink will reduce your alcoholic breath. 

Drink In Moderation:

Moderate drinking can help you cover up the smell of alcohol. Give your body time to process what you just had before consuming more alcohol. It is recommended to have just one drink per hour, depending on your weight and age. 

Alternating between alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages is another good strategy. Allowing your body to break down the alcohol will reduce alcoholic breath and provide you with the energy to expel it through your lungs and breath.

Common Ways To Cover Alcohol Breath:

While precautions can reduce alcohol breath, there’s no real way to beat it. However, there are some methods to at least partially cover it up.

Eat Something Smelly

While the fresh breath of chewing gum won’t be able to mask the smell of alcohol, consuming something with an offensive odor will allow you to put out the fire. Garlic, salmon, blue cheese, and greasy foods have lingering flavors that can mask the scent of alcohol. 

Lemon can also be quite helpful in masking alcoholic breath. It includes citrus components that help prevent the buildup of toxins and the smell of alcohol. Lemon’s acidity will flush your system and clear your mouth of germs.

Brushing Teeth:

Though effective, eating smelly food can be counterproductive to covering alcoholic breath. Brushing your teeth to remove the bacteria is a good strategy to eliminate foul breath. You can also mask the odor by gargling with alcohol-based mouthwash or washing your hands with alcohol-based antibacterial hand soap.

Eat Peanut Butter:

Don’t have the time to brush your teeth, and eating smelly food is not your ideal option? Go ahead with peanut butter! After a night of drinking, peanut butter is a great way to cover up the scent of alcohol. It makes sense, given that peanut butter has a potent fragrance, is thick, and can temporarily leave a peanut-flavored film in your mouth and throat. The unpleasant alcohol smell is masked by peanut oil’s pleasant, pervasive aroma.

Final Thoughts:

While drinking can be fun, it is easy to lose control when you are under the influence. Remember to stay safe and know your boundaries to avoid the stress of maintaining fresh breath after drinking. However, you can use these practical ideas and methods for bad alcohol breath.