Capture Lifelong Memories On Your First Visit To Jersey With These 8 Tips

Jersey Island is one of the Channel Islands on the England Coast. It is well known for its sharp and tall cliffs. These are the characteristics of almost all European islands. Jersey is unique for many things. Did you know that Jersey gave us knitted Jersey? This is not the only interesting fact about Jersey. In the following text, you may find some useful tips on how to have an amazing time on the island.

1. Pound Notes

If you decide to take this adventurous trip to the island make sure to take a pound with you. Yes, it is singular. This island is famous for its one-pound notes with the picture of the Queen. Jersey’s official currency is the regular pound, and they use coins as notes as well. However, these notes are not accepted on the mainland. Save some with you, for the long-lasting memory.

2. Mont Orgueil Castle

This is definitely the first place to visit on your trip to Jersey. This castle is one of the finest examples of medieval architecture. This castle casts a shadow on the beautiful fishing village, Gorey. This castle is the symbol of Jersey’s independence, free spirit, and national identity. This castle is home to several art displays. One of them is the “The Queen” exhibition. This exhibition includes the holographic portrait of Her Majesty. This castle hides the Dance of Death statue, and you can also walk down the stairs to find Witches in Hell. This fortress offers you some of the craziest views, mostly on the French Coast, from the numerous towers and viewpoints.

3. Jersey Tunnels

This is an unbelievable story that happened on British soil. During World War Two, Jersey Island was left defenseless. In order to protect themselves from the Allied air rides. These tunnels are the product of the five-year-long occupation. Enslaved locals were forced to dig the vast network of tunnels in the hillside. There are 1000 meters of tunnels, dug 50 meters underground. More than 5000 enslaved locals were working on these tunnels. Nowadays, these tunnels are the memorial of the torture locals withstood during the Nazi occupation.

4. Escape the Room

This is once in a lifetime experience that you can have in the Jersey War Tunnels. The thing you should do is to figure out how to escape the room. You have an hour to solve the puzzle and escape the room of the German commandos. The thing you must do is to find the location of the newly constructed fortifications. You must have a team consisting form 4 to 8 people. The minimum age for the game is 8 years old and the duration of the mission is one hour. This is one of the most memorable things you can do on the island and experience true adrenaline.

5. Beaches

There is a huge number of beaches you can visit on the island. One of the most popular ones is St. Brelades Bay. This is the picaresque beach and one of the most attractive destinations on the island. This beach has beautiful turquoise, clean water. Another one is Beauport Beach. This one is sheltered from the wind and is the perfect place for sunbathing.

This beach faces the sun and gets most of the sun hours during the day. If you want to find out which beach is best in Jersey, there are plenty of online reviews, or you can just ask the locals. It is possible that they will choose Green Island Beach. This is the most popular beach among locals. It is characterized by the long straps of white, silky sand. These are not the only ones. There are also Plemont Beach, Bouley Bay, Grouville Beach, and others. It is important to find which one is your favorite among them all.

6. Food

How to decide on food? This is definitely a question you will come up with on the island. The best thing about their food is the organic production. This island has a number of fish villages and towns, so it would be a shame if you did not try it. One of the local specialties is Ormer Casserole. This dish dates back to 1673 and is made with ormers, pork belly, shallots, butter, and bay leaves. They are similar to oysters and have a beautiful, mild flavor. Some other significant dishes of the island are Cabbage Loaf, Jersey Wonders, Jersey Royal Potatoes, and Guernsey Ice Cream. This is quite unique ice cream, taking into consideration the quality of the milk used in production.

7. Jersey Walking Adventure

Jersey walking adventure is the experience where the ocean disappears with the horizon. Walking along the high island cliffs, followed by the wind, and the refreshing smell of the wild ocean will create your life-ling memories. Some of the things you can see during the walk are the wild rock pools. This island is known as Europe’s greatest rocky inner-tidal zone.

8. Elizabeth Castle

Elizabeth Castle was watching over Jersey’s seaway for more than 300 years. At low tide, you can walk to the castle. In the high tide, you can catch the ferry and experience the charm of a marine. This is a perfect place to explore the history of the island. This castle consists of four parts and spreads over two islands. These islands were eventually joined together. This was not the original plan. However, during the 17th and 18th centuries, the castle was extended and developed.

Jersey Island is just one of the numerous Channel Islands. This archipelago is unique in every single aspect. These islands were the only place that endured German occupation during World War Two. This archipelago is not as exotic as the other archipelagos in the world. But, fine scenery, flowery vegetation, and green areas are what make this place a unique tourist attraction.

These islands offer you the famous English scenery, with stunning green, misty hills, mysterious castles, and rich historical heritage. Trips to the islands, like Jersey, will let you feel the outstanding spirit of the countryside and meet the local tradition and customs. This experience will help you expand your knowledge and spiritually elevate.