CBD Gummies: Facts and Myths!

The present pandemic situation wreaked havoc on many industries. There was a loss of personal lives and in the economic regard as well. The impact was worse in the United States of America, and there is statistical evidence to prove it. A study by Pew Research shows more than 20% of Americans knew an American who lost their source of income during the pandemic. The same was due to several lockdown restrictions in many areas across the country. Many industries had to suffer huge losses and even face bankruptcy. However, the CBD industry experienced a different phenomenon.

Research and surveys by Statista show that Cannabidiol sales were more than 1100 million US dollars in 2020. The rise of 200 million was visible from the previous year. Experts believe that the industry will triple in the coming decade. The vast demand is due to the versatility of CBD, as it is available in many different forms. Another unique selling point of CBD is that it is organic and free of harmful chemicals. After all, the pandemic did change consumer choices. Many individuals now prefer organic products over the typical chemical-based alternatives in the market.

The popularity of CBD has increased by various folds in the present century. Since exploding into the American market, it has been the favorite choice of growing adults. The senior citizens prefer it because of the sweet taste and the ease of use. However, it makes CBD and CBD-Based products susceptible to various myths around them. In this blog, we will find the facts surrounding CBD and the vast range of CBD-based products. We will also cover the common myths which link with it.

What are CBD and CBD Gummies?

CBD or Cannabidiol comes from Hemp extract. The extract comes from the famous Sativa plant, and the extraction process is easy and affordable at the same time. Maintaining the quality standard is the key, as it directly affects the consumer’s body. CBD-based products contain Cannabidiol, THC, and other constituents. The other ingredients come in handy to bind the other materials. BoomBoom CBD roll on CBD products are famous for their versatility. The range includes CBD Gummies, CBD Oil, CBD Wax, and many more. The new trend is to add CBD and use it as an edible in your dinner recipes. There are some use cases of CBD in beverages like tea and coffee.

CBD Gummies have a vast demand in the CBD-based product range. They are solid in form and do contain CBD, THC, and gelatin. They come in several forms and colors. As per the new trend, you can add a layer of flavor on top of them. The flavor layer can be of fruit or vegetables. It makes the vendors offer hundreds of different flavors as per the consumer’s needs. They are easy to carry and can easily be a part of your daily routine.

Facts Related to CBD Gummies

We will now show some of the facts which link to CBD Gummies-

  • Medicinal Benefits- The CBD in CBD Gummies originate from Hemp extract. The Hemp Extract has various benefits. It can have a positive effect on the physical and mental health of the consumer. The Hemp extract reduces stress and anxiety in the consumer. It can also improve the sleeping cycle by increasing the sleeping hours. It interacts with the neural receptors in the consumer and reduces electrical activity in the brain. The Hemp extract can also have pain-relieving benefits on the consumer by reducing inflammation. The studies prove that the long-term use of CBD can have reduced the physical strain on the consumer’s body. The THC content in the gummies further gives more benefits to the consumer.
  • No Severe Complications- Studies prove that the chemicals in chemical-based medicines can cause long-term severe side effects on the consumer. The artificial enzymes inside these products can interact with your immune system and make it weaker rather than making it more resistant. The constituents of CBD Gummies from Get Kush are naturally occurring, and the manufacturing process maintains the quality standard. The organic enzymes do not cause any long-term side effects on the consumer. Some light side effects may include heavy-headedness, dry mouth, and dizziness. The trait of being organic in these times further makes CBD Gummies more popular.

Myths related to CBD Gummies

As we have gone through the facts, now comes the time to talk about the several myths which surround them-

  • They make you high- This seems to be the most popular myth surrounding CBD-based products. The consensus makes them see it as a tool to get in a potent state of trance. The truth is very dissimilar. The CBD Gummies contain less than 0.3% THC, making them non-psychoactive. It means that the consumers only get a mild state of trance from the consumption. The most they do is to reduce the brain’s electrical activity to induce relaxation in the user.
  • Instant Results- The common trend is to expect results from medicinal products quickly. That is not true for most organic medicines. They take their time, and the dose plan is the same. CBD Gummies have Hemp extract, which takes some time to have a positive effect on the consumer. Several studies suggest that in some instances, it can even take months to have the desired results.
  • Lack Of Studies- The whispers around a new product are always of reliability. In the starting, there were the same questions regarding the robustness of CBD Gummies. The truth is quite different from the myths. There are hundreds of studies around CBD, and some of them by government-approved organizations. The Food and Drug Association of the United States of America also gives the seal of approval to CBD Gummies and the other products in the vast range.


CBD and CBD-based products have taken the food industry by storm in the last couple of decades. The sales started with 100 million dollars in 2014 and now account for more than a billion in 2020. The astronomical rise has led it to be the talk of every mouth in many countries. The United States of America seems to be the center of the fiasco. It makes it the target of various myths which outshine the facts behind the CBD Gummies. The best step is to consult your doctor before starting with your favorite CBD Gummy on the market.

The large-scale competition also leads to hundreds of vendors selling CBD Gummies online and offline. The key is to research your favorite CBD Gummy and then do background checks of the vendor. Some organic reviews can be the perfect pointers to start. Please stay away from the paid reviews, as they can be misused to manipulate your choice.