Choosing the Perfect Vape Pen: the Dos and Don’ts

Do you want to vape your regular dose of CBD but are confused about which product to choose? Then you are at the right place. CBD vape pens are the latest and easiest way to vape CBD. Vaping is the most common way to intake CBD, and vape pens make it more convenient. It works like an e-cigarette. It is lightweight, hassle-free, and fits right in your pocket. Vape pens work like a heat generator and vaporize the CBD oil from the oil tank or the cartridge. It lets you enjoy the goodness of CBD anywhere, anytime, without drawing unwanted attention. Using effective CBD vape pens regularly has a lot of health benefits too.

Kinds of Vape Pens:

As previously stated, vape pens are like e-cigarettes. Generally, a vape pen consists of a battery, a tank, an atomizer, a charger (if the battery is rechargeable), a mouthpiece, and several buttons. According to longevity, there are two types of vape pens 1) rechargeable vape pens with a battery(rechargeable) and a refillable tank or cartridge 2) disposable vape pens, which come with a pre-filled tank and an in-built battery.

There are also two types of vape pens according to the activation system 1) push-button vape pens which have a button, you need to turn it on before use, and 2) draw-activated vape pens which do not have any buttons, it activates with a puff.

Then there are some other types of vape pens in the market. Like.

  • Cartridge Pens:

In some rechargeable vape pens, instead of refillable vape tanks, there is a replaceable cartridge. It is easier than refilling a tank as there is no need to measure the quantity. But it is a bit more expensive than restocking a tank.

  • Dry Herb Vape Pens:

If you don’t want to use CBD oil or juice you can opt for this one. It allows you to put dry herbs directly into the tank. It lets you enjoy your CBD the traditional way.

  • Wax Vape Pens:

It uses a super-concentrated form of CBD as wax or dab. It uses the most potent product.

How to choose the right product- the dos and don‘ts:

The CBD industry is growing very fast. There are so many products available in the market right now that choosing the correct product can be tricky. So, here the big question arises, how to find the perfect vape pen? Remember that CBD products are not Food and Drug Association or FDA approved. So, research well before buying the product.

These are some things you need to consider before you decide to buy a vape pen.

  1. Rechargeable or Disposable?

Both rechargeable vape pens and disposable vape pens have their pros and cons. Rechargeable vape pens are cost-effective in the long run. It has more features like adjustable airflow, voltage, and cloud production. On the downside, it takes an initial investment, a little experience (otherwise, it can be tricky to use), and you need to maintain it properly. Disposable vape pens are relatively cheaper, lightweight, and easier to maintain. But it is not cost-effective in the long run, and you cannot control the voltage, dosage, or cloud production. Disposable vape pens are a better option for a first-time user. But if you are a pro, try the rechargeable one.

  1. Temperature Control:

Effective CBD vape pens should have proper temperature control. Remember, the goal is to vaporize the oil, not burn it. Combustion does not take place in vaping. The temperature should not exceed 160 degrees. A vape pen with a regulating temperature is the best option.

  1. Size:

Like other electronic gadgets, CBD vape pens come in different sizes and shapes. If you want to take it out with you and use it during the day, then a small pocket-sized vape pen is better for you. Otherwise, you can go for a large one.

  1. Battery Life:

Just like any other gadget, check if the vape pen has long battery life. It can be intimidating to recharge it over and over again if you intend to travel with it. Consider how many times you will use it, how much time it takes to charge completely, and how long it lasts before running out of battery.

  1. Budget:

You need to consider your budget before deciding which vape pen you want to buy. If you purchase a vape pen because it’s cheap or you are getting a discount, you might regret it later. Chinese vape pens are inexpensive but their built quality is often cheap or faulty, and sometimes it even explodes when overheated.

  1. Quality of CBD oil or cartridge:

The CBD oil in the fuel tank or cartridge is what you are taking in through vaping. So, the CBD oil or cartridge should be of high quality and free of contaminants. You can opt for an organic one if you like. If the product contains vegetable glycerin, vitamin E acetate, MCT oil, or propylene glycol, it’s better to avoid it.

Also, look for the kind of CBD you are getting. There are mainly three kinds of CBD- full-spectrum CBD, broad-spectrum CBD, and CBD isolates. Full-spectrum CBD contains many other cannabinoids including, tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, broad-spectrum CBD contains other cannabinoids but does not contain any THC, and CBD isolate consists of only CBD.

  1. Brand Reputation:

You should always stick to a reliable and reputed brand. Trying out different products from many brands will cost you, and it can be frustrating. Do your homework before buying the product. Read the brand review, the product reviews, and ask other users about their experiences to ensure you opt for the right product. Also, look for the third-party lab test results to make sure the product is safe and contaminants-free.

Bottom line

Just follow these guidelines and find the vape pen that suits you the best. Mostly buy a vape pen that is convenient for you. If you are a beginner buying a fancy and sophisticated vape pen with many functionalities might frustrate you. Vaping CBD regularly has a lot of potential health benefits. Purchase effective CBD vape pens and enjoy the goodness of CBD.