Controversy Behind Female Warzone Streamer Nadia

Controversial 22 years old TikTok streamer Nadia Amine is one of the fastest growing female streamers on the popular streaming platform in the online FPS game Call of Duty. 

Lately, she found herself in a number of controversies that could greatly impact her future on the platform, all because she is a woman. This comes as no surprise following the recent growth of male chauvinistic extremism on TikTok fueled by the likes of Andrew Tate, aka Top G.

Allegations To Nadia’s Name  

The Call of Duty community is male dominated, despite a stellar increase in the number of female streamers. So, it may come as a surprise when a female streamer becomes one of the best in the heavily male dominated industry. Her gameplay is so good that the majority of viewers have a hard time accepting that she is just better than them. The easiest way to explain her gameplay is, according to them, she is obviously cheating; she just can’t be that good. 

The community turned on her and accused her of using cheats without any concrete evidence. A lot of YouTubers dedicated their channels to “expose” Nadia, and went on to cyber bullying. The main accusations are cheating and using a VPN.

She responded via Twitter, stating: “so all you little boys with a fragile masculinity that can’t accept a woman is just better, it’s time to face the reality.”

First of all, there isn’t any evidence to support that, and she does not cheat; she is just better than her male opponents. On the other hand, there is some circumstantial evidence that she does use VPN, but even if she does, every single male streamer does the same to get easier opponents and create better content. So, why is it a problem if a woman does so too?

Some of the famous streamers like xQc and Ninja came out to support her. Ninja said that she is a marketing genius as she found a way to take advantage of these accusations and she even became more popular than ever. And she obviously is a marketing genius, she is using this situation to the best of her ability. Nadia is even teasing the accusers while admitting that she cheats at being awesome. 

The community is asking her to put another camera showing her controller so they can know for sure, and she trolls them by showing a controller camera that is obviously fake. It went viral and became the “main evidence” of those accusers. Some people just don’t get the sarcasm. 

Their another piece of evidence is a scandalous short video from a live Call of Duty event where the Activision employee asked her to abruptly leave her setup. The video was cut and edited, so it seems like they caught her cheating when in fact, she was asked to step away for a small interview.

Nadia Swatted

Swatting is a criminal harassment tactic of deceiving an emergency service into sending a SWAT response team to another person’s house. It is a dangerous technique with serious consequences. Only two years ago, someone made the swatting “joke,” and police accidentally killed an innocent man while swatting his home. The man who made that call is sentenced to 20 years. 

Nadia’s heaters went so far as they prank called 911 by accusing her of something illegal. The SWAT team stormed her house during the live stream. There were 20 police officers surrounding her house, but luckily, one of the police officers also streams on Twitch, so he knew what was happening. 

Putting someone’s life in danger is a horrendous thing to do, and if there weren’t for that police officer who also streams, who knew what could happen? Hating someone only goes so far, it’s ok to express your opinion via YouTube and TikTok comments, but there are some things that are just too much. 


Call of Duty players get banned every day, and if Nadia was one of them, she would have to get banned too. With so much spotlight on her, there is no chance she is cheating, and game developers don’t know about that. This is a classic case of misogyny and male players being unable to accept that she is just that good.