Convict Ship The John CalvinIn 1848

Irish Female Convicts Transported to Australia

So the British Government decided to gather up all the canada goose clearance sale female convicts who had been sentenced to transportation canada canada goose cheap goose coats and were in prisons all over Ireland.Grangegorman Female Canada Goose sale PenitentiaryThey were sent to the prison in Grangegorman Female Penitentiary, Stoneybatter Dublin 7 where they had to spend three months learning skills canada goose uk outlet that would make them employable once they were transported.They were to be trained in skills that would allow them to be cheap canada goose uk sent out to work for the free settlers in Australia as part of their sentence.This rule applied uk canada goose to young children under sentence of transportation tooAbout fifty cells were used exclusively for these convicts. They uk canada goose outlet did not mix with ordinary prisoners.It was designed to give them the skills needed by them canada goose uk shop when they would Canada Goose online arrive in Australia as Canada Goose Outlet convicts and be assigned work duties as house servants.Up till then the women were put in the cheap Canada Goose jails in Australia and left there for Canada Goose Coats On Sale years because they were not capable of outside work.The free settlers would not take them on. This canada goose was costing the Australian ities out in Hobart a lot of money because the convicts had to canada goose uk black friday be housed, fed and guarded in the prisons.The women and children got slightly less than the men.Once the famine started and potatoes were in short supply, the prisoners were given substitutes. The prison system in Ireland could not cope; there was overcrowding and the cost of keeping the prisoners in jail was too high.In order to deter the people from committing crimes so that they could get imprisoned and fed, the food rations were drastically reduced.This had no effect on the numbers; all it did was create more misery for the inmates and save the government canadian goose jacket on the food canada goose store bill.Something had to Canada Goose Parka be done, so sentences canada goose coats on sale of seven years or more of transportation to Australia was increased.Convict Ship The John CalvinIn 1848, there were 171 female prisoners and their children who Canada Goose Online left the Grangegorman Female Penitentiary in Stoneybatter buy canada goose jacket and boarded the convict ship the ‘John Calvin.’It left Ireland on 22nd January 1848 and arrived in Hobart Town, Van buy canada goose jacket cheap Diemen’s Land ( now Tasmania) on 18th May 1848.Also on board were free settlers who were to join their relatives already out in Australia.They were Daniel Kelly, his wife and five children. Mrs Heats and her three children. Mrs Finerty, canada goose black friday sale with one canada goose clearance child.A Matron for the convicts, Mrs Sproule and her 5 year old child, were also on board.Transportation to Australia in 1788The Banishment Act came into force in 1716.This allowed the British Government to transport convicted canada goose factory sale prisoners of both England and Ireland wherever they choseAt first the convicts were sent to penal colonies in America. The American War of Independence soon put a stop to this Canada Goose Jackets in 1776.