Daqin Christian Pagoda in Zhouzhi Xian China

Daqin Pagoda is the remnant of the oldest surviving Christian church in China. Located about 2 km to the West of Lou Guan Tai temple, this pagoda can be found in Chang an, Shaanxi Province. The church and monastery were built by early Nestorian missionaries in 640. Daqin is the name of the Roman Empire in the Chinese language documents of the 1st 2nd centuries.

In 845, the persecution of Christians in China led to its abandonment. A Buddhist temple was then installed in the pagoda much later in 1300. In 1556, the pagoda was severely damaged due to the earthquake and it was finally abandoned.http://www.cheapgoose.top Daqin was “rediscovered” in 1998 and now it is recognized as a significant part of the history of early Christianity in China. Daqin Pagoda is also classified as a key heritage site under state protection.

Daqin pagoda has an octagonal shape made of bricks with seven stories and is about 32 meters high. The door on its front side of the first floor is about 1.38 m wide and the wall itself is about 4 meters thick. The pagoda has four doors on the first storey and the rest of the storeys has 2 doors. The pent roofs are narrow and have brick brackets under them. A replica of the Nestorian Stele and its stone tortoise both have been installed outside the pagoda. “A History of Christianity”, the 2009 BBC program, the exterior of the pagoda as well as its surroundings were featured in the first episode.

Artistic works in both Asiatic and Western style can still be found inside the daqin pagoda, among them a nativity scene (depiction of the birth of Jesus), Jonah at the walls of Nineveh and Syriac graffiti. Many of those artworks are made from mud and plaster.