Expensive But Life-Changing Dental Procedures You Need to Do ASAP

Dental procedures are some of the most life-changing procedures a person should consider as soon as possible if they have any kind of problem. A possible downside to getting life-changing dental procedures can be that they are usually expensive, however, compared to the lifelong improvement they give a person, they can be thought of as priceless.

Some of the most familiar of these dental procedures are braces, and oral surgery, however, there are plenty more. Here are some of the expensive but life-changing dental procedures you need to do as soon as possible to quickly improve your oral health for good.


One of the most familiar, expensive but also life-changing dental procedures is of course the braces. Many life-changing benefits come with getting braces such as improved ability to chew food, increased ability to speak, the teeth are easier to brush and clean. This in turn reduces the chance of cavities and most periodontal diseases. In addition to this, getting your teeth straight helps to reduce chipping and grinding of teeth, and also reduces the potential risk of injury from protruding teeth. Braces give the foundation of good oral health that lasts a lifetime, making them truly live changing dental procedures.


Generally speaking, most of the surgeries are always life-changing, and more often than not, quite expensive too. One of the most common dental surgeries is wisdom tooth removal surgery. In addition to this, some of the less common ones include jaw surgery and sinus lift surgeries. The cost of getting wisdom teeth removal isn’t always on the expensive side, and it usually depends on the severity of the case. It can be as low as 75$, or as high as 200$, which can certainly add up if you have to take out all four of them, and if you have to get General anesthesia sedation.

Dental Implants

One of the first things that people notice on another person is their smile, and it significantly increases if the teeth are compromised in some way like if a tooth (or more) are missing. This means it might be the right time for dental implants which can help you get back your smile, and your confidence along with it. In addition to this, dental implant restoration makes it possible for you to eat all the foods you were previously unable to. Getting this kind of dental procedure might be the most life-changing among all of them, as it drastically improves the quality of your oral structure, and it certainly boosts confidence along with it.


One of the life-changing dental procedures that are becoming increasingly popular in recent years is getting the veneers. Porcelain veneers are usually the popular choice among many people. One of the reasons they fall under the more expensive dental procedures is because they give significantly whiter and straighter teeth in just a few appointments. In addition to this, they are never covered by medical insurance, so they have to be paid from the patients pocket only, making them quite an expensive dental procedure. Being called “instant braces”, porcelain veneers earn their name as life-changing dental procedures that many people should consider.


Dental crowns are shaped to resemble the original tooth crows. They are shaped like a “cap” that is placed over a tooth so it can cover it and restore its previous shape and size. In addition to this, it significantly improves how the teeth look. Dental crowns are usually used to protect weak teeth and to prevent further decay. As well as porcelain veneers, dental crowns are rarely covered by any kind of medical insurance, posing a great expense. Getting a single crown won’t break the bank, however, patients usually need multiple crowns which significantly increases the costs, but the result is truly life-changing.

All of these dental procedures can be quite an expensive task, however, they can change the quality of life by a long measure. Some of these such as dental crowns and porcelain veneers do fall under cosmetic dental surgeries, but they also come with many benefits for overall oral health. In addition to this, dental procedures such as dental implants can also significantly improve the self-confidence of the patient because they restore once lost smile.

They also play a role in socializing, as many people tend to be embarrassed until they fix their missing teeth. Whichever your problem, make sure to consider these life-changing dental procedures as soon as possible to prevent further damage.