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Cones and wood for the fireplaces can be treated to produce colored flames for the holidays. To treat these, brush shellac over their surfaces and sprinkle chemicals over the moist area. Chemicals used to produce various colored flames are: copper nitrate, green flame; sodium chloride (salt), yellow; calcium chloride, orange; and potassium chloride, violet.

baking tools Not surprised to see a fake counterfeit bill, but more surprised it was a hundred.” Jacob’s co worker got this bill just the other night. The Spokane Police Department is asking for your help finding a missing boy. Jeremy Clough left his home near S. baking tools

bakeware factory Working with marzipan is easy. Think culinary sculpture. Simple balls can become decorative apples, oranges and pumpkins with a few pinches and indentations in appropriate places. While Chef Bruce focuses on recipes, Heather says she likes to tweak the restaurant’s Art Deco ambiance. Black and white photographs of 1920s 30s vamps stir nostalgia from the dining room walls, and the bathrooms are time capsules in themselves. But of interest here is Heather’s plating of the menu’s made to order dishes. bakeware factory

fondant tools For conservation reasons, one of the most famous, Kubla Khan, was off limits to all but the most experienced cavers. It was their “icing on the cake”, a reward for years spent literally learning the ropes. And, from the photographs I’ve seen, it is special icing indeed. fondant tools

decorating tools Experience: Nuremberg to the east of Rothenburg ob der Tauber (one hour train about $22) dates back to 1050, and the town famous Christkindlesmarkt (daily Nov. 25 Dec. 24) dates from 1628. Congregation B’nai Sholom Beth David presents another entry in the Irwin Ralph Memorial 92 Street Y Live Fall 2012 program on Oct. Friedman, one of the most influential columnists, analyzes current challenges globalization, the information technology revolution, the nation’s chronic deficits and its pattern of energy consumption and spells out what we need to do now to rediscover America and rise to the moment. For reservations and information, contact the temple’s office. decorating tools

plastic mould Stalagmites are formations that are created from the ground up. These formations form from the drops that have fallen from stalactites or dripstones. Even though the drops left some dissolved limestone with the stalactite (dripstone) some still remains in the droplet. plastic mould

kitchenware The Baron in the Trees Based on the 1957 Italian novel by Italo Calvino, this play, presented by Hunter Drama, tells the story of a boy who climbs up a tree to spend the rest of his life inhabiting an arboreal kingdom. This will be the last performance of the show at The Civic Playhouse in Newcastle. Tickets via 4929 1977.. kitchenware

silicone mould At the church, corner of Foothill Boulevard and Edgewood Drive. For information, call Terri Russell, 533 8637. Orland All Church Bazaar ORLAND Orland’s 15th annual All Church Bazaar will be held Nov. Next comes the piping. For a Christmas tree, she zig zags a line of light green icing down the cookie, to represent the branches cake decorations supplier, and carefully places sugar pearls at strategic spots to suggest ornaments. For Santa’s hats, she pipes white frosting across the bottom to look like white fur and adds a dot of white on top to represent a fluffy puffball silicone mould.