How can PEMF help you lose your weight

               Studies on PEMF therapy have been going on for decades and it has shown great effects on healing injuries, boosting energy, making you feel better, and improving overall wellness. In addition, PEMF therapy was also proved to be effective in helping with weight loss and staying in good shape.

               Here is how PEMF therapy can aid in the journey of weight loss:

·   PEMF therapy enhances your cardiovascular system and increases the blood flow across your body, it also increases the oxygen uptake by the blood cells. Oxygen is then used in addition to other nutrients to create energy through a series of chemical reactions within your cells for them to function, regenerate, and reproduce. Therefore, enhancing this process leads to a boosted metabolic rate which requires energy itself that can be obtained from burning stored fat. An increase in the metabolic rate means that your body works more to maintain all its normal functions and state throughout the day for regular activities such as breathing, digestion, growth, and other basic processes occurring naturally within the body. Jade mats for example contain Jade stones that when used in PEMF devices, release negative ions that enter the body and have a big effect on the metabolic rate and can be used for weight loss. Sentient Element is the best PEMF therapy device for weight loss.

·   PEMF therapy promotes the release of the hormone cortisol and maintains it at its normal level. Cortisol is the main anti stress hormone released by our adrenal glands when we are feeling anxious and stressed. PEMF aids in maintaining a normal cortisol level that reduces stress, increases glucose level in the bloodstream, and regulates blood pressure as well. Although too much cortisol can cause weight gain, having cortisol at a normal level makes you less stressed and it also helps you sleep better. This can help you if you are having eating disorders caused by your irregular sleeping pattern or if you are stress eating.

·   Obesity can be caused by a malfunctioning thyroid gland. The thyroid gland secretes the hormones necessary for regulating the fat burning process. In cases with a poorly functioning thyroid gland (Hypothyroidism) many health problems arise and one of these problems is weight gaining. The opposite is true as well, in people with an overactive thyroid gland (Hyperthyroidism) weight loss is very common. PEMF therapy studies showed that electromagnetic pulses have significant benefits for both under and overactive glands. With the proper devices, treatment plan, and supervision of a qualified professional it may be possible to completely restore thyroid function.

·   Our cells are covered by a semipermeable membrane that controls what gets in and out of the cell. The use of PEMF therapy showed an improvement in the electroporation by opening the cellular lipid channels releasing fatty acids that can be burned for energy. Also, some studies show that the use of PEMF devices such as the Jade mat can help in decreasing the size of fat cells that store fat in the adipose tissues of our bodies therefore aiding in being in a good physical shape.

Losing weight is a complex process consisting of lifestyle changes such as exercising and dieting. In addition to the direct benefits of using PEMF therapy for weight loss, it also helps in making the journey smoother by helping the body in its detoxification from all the waste products released by the reactions that release energy during workouts. It also helps in relieving pain of muscles and joints which is common during exercising in addition to its healing effects. As a conclusion, PEMF therapy might be a really good option if you are suffering from obesity and need help in losing weight due to its many direct and indirect effects it has on our bodies.