How Does Vape Pen Differ From Vape Mod?

Vaping is a vibrant sector that has evolved over the years concerning the alternatives available to us, whether we are talking about equipment, e-liquid, attachments, or company and branding possibilities.

If you are new to the vaping world, the insane variety of devices available on the market can be intimidating. It might be hard to choose the correct vaporizer initially. If you want to become an active vaper, you should read through this vocabulary of words. Let us start with the fundamentals and learn about the two main types of vapes: vape pen and vape mod.

What Exactly Is a Vape Pen?

CBD Vape pens, as the name implies are a sort of e-cigarette that mimics a pen; however, it is much sturdier, slimmer, and attractive. Vape pens began as e-cigarettes that resembled regular cigarettes in appearance. Their primary function was to offer users nicotine without odor and to generate light smoke. Today, thanks to technological advancements, vape pens are the most popular substitute for traditional cigarettes. Vape pens have changed over time and now give the same nicotine to consumers in a new manner and with a superb flavor.

A compact container comes pre-filled or loaded by the consumer with an e-liquid (a mixture of plant glycerol, propylene glycol, and extra flavors) to use a vaporizer pen.

What Exactly Is a Vape Mod?

A vape mod is another type of vaping equipment. In comparison to other similar devices, vape mods are larger, more powerful, and more effective. As a result, you may experience a strong flavor, scent, and a harsh effect on the throat. High-capacity vapers prefer vape mods to vape pens.

Vape mods are ideal for sub-ohm inhaling. Smoking is effective for the vapor rather than the nicotine. Hence, vaporizers work much better with VG-based liquids (anything more than 60 percent VG) rather than PG-based juices as they produce dense smoke clouds. In terms of technology, vape mods require a separate tank on top of the body. The gadget usually necessitates the use of a threaded connector for the tank to be replaced. If you like to customize your products, vape mods are the way to go.

Vape Pen vs. Vape Mod: What’s the Difference?

Let us briefly guide you through the distinctions so you can make a rational selection.

1. A tank

Tanks for vape pens are usually irreplaceable because the device only functions when attached to the tank provided by the device’s manufacturer. Also, vape pens are simple to use; if you want something quick and straightforward, a vape pen is a way to go. Because vape pen tanks are permanently attached to the pen’s body, you cannot remove them, and refilling is a simple process.

Vape mods are easily detachable. Because they share the same connecting thread, vape tanks are usually on the top of the body. Tanks for vape mods range from ordinary coils to an RTA or RDA tank. Because most vape mods use sub-ohm tanks, it is easy to smoke densely without getting a throat hit.

2. Costing

Safe, natural CBD vape pens are less expensive since they are easier to use, lighter, and smaller than vape mods. The additional functionality and personalization that vape mods bring come at an equally opulent cost. If you are a vape enthusiast who desires better flavor and smoke output with the benefit of customization, it is worthwhile to invest in vape mods. Furthermore, many vape mods require you to purchase the battery separately.

3. Accessibility

We now know how easy it is to use vape pens regularly. If you are merely starting with vaping, vape pens are a great place to start. They are simple to maintain, refill, and use. You can quickly turn the gadget off and on by pressing the power button a particular amount of times, and there is also the option to lock the device. Few vape pens on the market allow you to modify the wattage and manage the device’s temperature.

Although vape mods mainly serve the same purpose as vape pens, they have a broader learning scope due to their diverse functionalities, technicality, and elements. Vape mods give customers a unique experience. Because they are a little more complex to use, you must do your homework before diving into the world of vape mods and their countless parts. It will take some time to learn, but you will eventually master it.

4. The ability to carry

Let us now discuss portability. Vape pens are smaller and lighter, and they may easily fit in your hand or pocket. However, wait, there is more. Vape pens have become even more portable and compact as a result of the pod system. Vape pens not only allow you to smoke practically anywhere, but they are also less bulky than mods. Mods are substantially heavier and larger than vape pens. Hence, many people choose vape pens over mods when it comes to comfort.

5. Battery life

Vape pens allow you to adjust the wattage and temperature to your liking, and the highest option is also a relatively low wattage, which means that these pens use less power when you switch them on to smoke. Vape pens also have built-in batteries. As a result, you would not need to purchase a separate battery, and they are simple to charge and give the benefit of fast charging.

Because the battery used in vape mods is removable, you need to purchase them separately while buying your mod. They are simple to set up, and for power, they use the device’s USB connection or an additional charger that connects into the socket. Vape mods offer a heating system and use more wattage, providing more taste, and they require battery packs.

6. Endurance

Because vape pens are lighter, they are more delicate and less robust. On the other hand, vape mods are more enduring since they are bulkier and made of sturdier, more durable materials. It is crucial to remember that because vape pens are more mobile, they move around more routinely, are brought on travels, or used daily, making them more vulnerable to harm.


When looking for the best vape machine, you should examine your smoking behaviors and what you want from a vape device. If you are a newbie vaper, the vape pen is a better option. The vape mod is the go-to gadget if you are more intrigued by the puffs. Nevertheless, if this is your first time, we do not advocate rushing to the edge of the earth.