With over 2,000 online casinos listed on its website, The BestBonus players with all the information they need to make an informed decision before registering with an online casino. All reviews and ratings are written by the site’s head author, Lucas Mollberg, who not only has many years of experience in reviewing various products but also owns his own marketing agency in New Zealand where he has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry.

What Is An Online Casino

Online casinos exist for players to bet and win money online. Online casinos have been on a rise since 2005, as more and more gamblers start playing from home or work. The fact that it is possible to play from anywhere makes online casino games very popular. 

The Benefits Of Playing In An Online Casino

There are many reasons why people choose to play in an online casino instead of visiting their local land-based venue. One of these reasons is because you can enjoy gambling without spending much time traveling back and forth between your home and a physical location. In addition, some people like using their computer while they gamble on the BestBonus website  because they feel safer doing so; many believe that they cannot get addicted if they only use their computer when they want to gamble, but not out of habit.

Lukas Mollberg, the founder of BestBonus NZ, is our guest today. He talks about his experiences as a gambler and a webmaster in the casino industry. He also discusses the challenges of running an affiliate company and the areas in which he hopes to be involved in the next five years.

How would you explain BestBonus to someone who has no idea what you’re talking about?

  • The BestBonus website is a content-driven website that focuses on online gambling and online casino bonuses in particular. Our line of business is lead generation, which means we refer new customers to our partners, which in this case are New Zealand casino sites.

How did you get into the casino business?

  • My personal involvement with the industry began during the early 2000s poker boom. As a gambler and webmaster, I’ve had a connection to the industry since then.

What inspired you to start BestBonus?

  • It started out as a website that shared tips and tricks, but it has since evolved into a website that provides targeted offers to its visitors.

What personality traits do you possess that enable you to be a successful entrepreneur? What have been the most difficult challenges you’ve faced?

  • I believe I have a competitive mind that is humble in nature. As long as I see a fair challenge in what I do, giving up is not an option. I combine that with the ability to start over and strive to improve on my previous efforts.

How has running BestBonus changed you as a person?

  • The most eye-opening realization is the amount of effort most people put into their businesses, both when it’s fun and when it’s not.

What do you think you’re most proud of?

  • This is my daughter!

What do you want to be doing in five years?

  • In terms of business, I will have begun a project related to my second passion, sailing, and life at sea.

Where can people find you online, both personally and professionally?