It difficult to oppose giving troops a 2

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Moderate Republicans said passing $8 billion in cuts to domestic priorities now would make it harder for their party to agree to spend more money after the Senate rejects the bill.Leaders assembled the least controversial of the 12 spending bills to reduce the risk of failure.It difficult to oppose giving troops a 2.4 percent pay raise and boosting spending on veterans by $6 billion. The same goes for the increased nuclear weapons funding in the Energy part of the bill and security upgrades for members of Congress after the June shooting of Representative Steve Scalise of Louisiana at a congressional baseball practice.highest priority of Congress is to ensure the safety and security of our nation and to guarantee the future of our great democracy this critical national security legislation needs to head to the floor, Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen of New Jersey, chairman of the House spending panel, said in a statement.Some conservatives say they may still rebel against the spending bill because the $72 billion in increased defense spending isn fully offset by spending cuts and because it would allow transgender troops to receive medical care related to their gender transition.some things that would have to be fixed before we can support it, said Rep.

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