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EDINBURG (KFXV) Prosecutors continue to present evidence in the case against Sandy Hernandez accused of the homicide of her newborn baby. We warn you the following images are graphic in nature. The mother, Sandy Hernandez, says after giving birth she fainted on her front yard collapsing with her baby in arms. It was in the.

WESLACO (KFXV) A 52 year old woman dies after being run over during a family gathering. 39 year old, jose enrique cordova was driving a gold minivan when he ran into two people and pinned a woman between his van and a building. The woman fighting for her life, was rushed by ambulance to the hospital but, unfortunately died while under medical care in Weslaco. Cordova now faces charges of criminally negligent homicide. He be arraigned in court tomorrow. Recommended: Caught on Camera: Flight Diverted due to Unruly Passenger Father of Murdered Girl Lunges at Convicted Murderer in.

SOUTH PADRE ISLAND (KFXV) body is found floating in the water. It happened a little after 2pm in the afternoon, police responded to a concerned citizen call. www.jewelleryn394a.top/ The body was found around the 2000 block of Gulf BLVD on the beach side. Curren from the water. He was unresponsive and pronounced dead. A full investigation will be opened but, police do not suspect foul play. Recommended: Family Says Final Goodbyes to Teen Who Drowned on SPI Very Heavy Traffic Expected on SPI Woman Named in Deadly Accident on.

MCALLEN (KFXV) Five people are were turned over to Border Patrol this afternoon. This after the driver of a Ford passenger car lead DPS and Border Patrol agents on a high speed chase in Mission. The chase finally came to an end on Frontage and 10th Streets in McAllen. Several people were hospitalized while five passengers from the suspected vehicle were detained by Border Patrol. The driver identified as 27 year old, Johnny Lee Morales, was arrested and charged with evading arrest with a motor vehicle. Recommended: Man Drowns in Canal After Police Chase Harlingen Neighborhood Evacuated After Grenade Is.

EDINBURG (KFXV) A family of four is left without a place to live after a fire consumed their home. This is what is left after a fire destroyed everything in its path this morning. Esther Garcia, homeowner, says she and her daughters made it out safely thanks to a smoke detector. Garcia daughter told us how she felt. She managed to get her phone and call 9 1 1, after firefighters extinguished the flames, investigators determined how it started. The property was declared a total loss, however, the Garcia family is glad no one was hurt. The Garcia family does.

EDINBURG (KFXV) trial took place in the 139th district court where the jury met once again to listen to testimonies in the case of the accused mother, Sandy Hernandez. Hernandez father and sister took the stand today answering defense and prosecutors questions. Fox 2 News was present while Hernandez father attempted to comfort her while she cried non stop outside the courtroom. This after previously listening to the testimonies of first responders on scene on the day of the incident, a home located on La Quinta Lane in Weslaco. They confessed Hernandez did not show any signs of worry.

RGV(KFXV) In recent months,Fox 2 News has reported undocumented immigrants dying due to heat and dehydration. Border Patrol says that if you do see someone struggling, you can help them without consequence. According to Border Patrol agents, human traffickers increasingly abandon their clients. However, they say you can help if you see these people in poor health walking in isolated places. The terrain where the undocumented immigrants travel are high risk, high temperature areas, in semi desert zones.

DONNA (KFXV) This year, two Donna ISD employees have been charged with sexual misconduct. The crimes were made through mobile applications that could be at your child fingertips. We spoke to an online security expert and brings us more on the dangers that exist behind the monitor. According to the national center for missing and exploited children 95% of teens ages 12 to 17 are online. 25% of these have pretended to be older to create online accounts. Experts say that while many teens may believe they don face any risks behind a monitor. Many applications act as.

WESLACO (KFXV) Officials are on the look out of two female suspects accused of robbing a home improvement store. This surveillance video from a Home Depot shows several women apparently shopping, however, the store reported several items were stolen. In another clip, two females hop in a dark colored compact vehicle. If you have information on this case, contact Weslaco Crime Stoppers at 956 968 8477. Recommended: $55 Mammograms offered through de Mammo Week long Event Women Stealing From Donation Boxes Charged 20 Rescued From Stash.

WESLACO (KFXV) Police are looking for this woman. The female is dropped off in a Mazda Tribute on one occasion and then in a Red Ford Mustang on another. Both times she walks into HEB, fills up her shopping cart and then walks out without paying for any of the items. If you have any information or can identify her, contact Weslaco Crime Stoppers at (956) 968 TIPS Recommended: A Couple Leads Police On A Chase in Edinburg Man Admits to Murdering Woman Police Search For Hit and Run Suspect in Peitas Police Search For St. Jude’s Catholic Church.

MISSION (KFXV) Police responded to Sauz Street in regards to a home burglary. Officers were notified that the 71 year old homeowner possibly shot the intruder. Officers searched but the suspect was nowhere to be found. Minutes later a woman called police to say that her son just arrived home with a gunshot wound. The location of this call was just a couple of streets over from the original burglary call. When police got there the suspect partially barricaded himself in a laundry room. He wouldn come out so cops had to go in and get him. The.

BROWNSVILLE (KFXV) Several candidates for the Brownsville Independent School District School Board are asking for an explanation after being excluded from an important event. Today we spoke to one of the candidates in an exclusive interview. He tells us how this can impact not only the candidates running for school board but the community itself. The Brownsville Educators Association organized a forum where candidates for the school board had the opportunity to unveil their campaigns to the community. The five excluded candidates are now asking for answers after saying the association discriminated against them. Rigo Bocanegra is currently.