Neighbourhood Botanicals’ The Daily Glow Facial Oil

The daily glow is one of those facial products which quite literally does what it says on the tin… if it had a tin, but the effect is much the same. This is an extremely light and revitalising facial oil which is designed for daily use, and the smell isn’t half addictive too.

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Neighbourhood Botanicals have created a gentle, day-to-day use oil for dry skin (or skin which generally needs a little bit of TLC) which is designed to help replenish, moisturise and revitalise, which for many I suspect will be welcome words based on the UK’s bafflingly harsh late Winter and early Spring. The Daily Glow encourages a healthy colour to radiate from one’s skin once again after having been lashed by sleet and snow, gouged mercilessly by the grim, polluted, dry London underground air and scourged by our much ‘beloved’ relentless rain and chill. What’s more, all of this is achieved with the most blissfully delicate scents of orange zest, crisp bergamot and cucumber freshness.

Neighbourhood Botanicals' The Daily Glow Facial Oil 1

The Daily Glow oil helps to maintain the skin’s healthy pH balance, which is no mean feat given the unseasonal briskness we have been quite caught off guard by as of late. The oil is best applied after the face has been gently cleansed and is still slightly damp, only a few drops are required as a little goes a very long way with The Daily Glow making for a long-lasting product. Fortunately, underneath the lid is a perfectly proportioned glass pipette which will help you squeeze just a couple of droplets onto your fingers to be patted into clean skin.

Neighbourhood Botanicals' The Daily Glow Facial Oil

This skin product is an idea pick-me-up for a face which has taken the full and unrelenting force of the British winter and is now desperately trying to get its act together for Spring and Summer.

You can learn more about Neighbourhood Botanics and purchase The daily Glow online here.