Online Gaming, TV and Film and Phone calls: Best Things To Do On A Long Layover & Not Suffer From Boredom!

For some, there is nothing worse than being trapped in an airport and having to sit around for hours on end just to try and get to their destination.

Of course, there are many different travel routes available across the world with the ideology of globalisation becoming more and more true with each passing year, but for many trips that individuals will take, a direct route simply is not possible as of this moment due to a variety of different reasons.

Therefore, there will be some who will need to land at an airport where they will need to get a connecting flight, although this can add a significant delay as the logistics do not always work in a flight passenger’s favour.

Nonetheless, there are a range of different activities that can be done that can help to make these layovers, regardless of how long they may be, as enjoyable as possible and stop boredom from setting in. Unsurprisingly, a lot of them can be completed via the use of a smartphone or tablet device, so it is best to ensure that one of these gadgets are readily available!

Online Gaming

For some, there is nothing like playing a game to help pass the time. Whether it be a classic game that does not require the internet or one that does and allows for some social interaction, there is no better choice for many to kill time by competing against someone.

With the technology provided continuing to be as innovative as possible, smartphones and tablets are able to load a range of different video and casino games. For example, if you have a layover in Philadelphia, you can simply access the store and download one of the many casino apps available. Don’t forget to check the legal PA gambling operators list before you start playing.

Watch your favourite shows & movies

If playing a game is out of the question or becomes a little too tedious or boring, then why not stream your favourite TV shows or films. Again, this option can be a great way for time to be killed as it will fly by when you are gripped in what is happening.

Whether it be a series that has a number of episodes of 20 minutes or more in length or a blockbuster film that runs for around 2 hours, it will be easy to make the layover feel as short as possible. Netflix, Prime Video, local streaming sites and even YouTube could become your best friend whilst sitting in an airport waiting for that connecting flight, so it would be best to make use of them!

Ring someone

Obviously, there may be some limitations to this particular method such as time zone differences, however the possibility still remains as good an option as some of the ones already listed above.

With the technology available to make in-person video calls these days via a variety of apps that can be downloaded or are already built-in, you can enjoy someone’s company for a part of the layover whilst catching up on all the latest ongoings or simply check in with a loved one and let them know how the first part of the journey went. Before you know it, minutes will have flown by and the waiting around will have become a little easier.

Check the latest news

It could be argued that being up in the air and travelling for a period of time can be like living in a bubble as there may be no internet connection on the flight available. The layover, then, could provide an excellent opportunity for an individual to be able to catch up on the latest news stories or even catch up on their favourite gossip columns, books and blog posts in order to help the time pass, whilst also remaining as up-to-date with current affairs as possible.

This list is far from extensive, though, as even listening to your favourite musical artists or checking out the best podcasts can help to kill the time, or simply going exploring and shopping within the airport will have the same impact, thus providing individuals a number of ways to eliminate the potential boredom that they may suffer whilst on a long layover.