Preparing to Do Your Best to Fit in at College

Your time at college is a unique phase in your life. You’ll be surrounded by and likely living with young adults your same age, which is something that’ll be much harder to find once you graduate. If you’re going into your first year, it can be daunting to know how you’ll fit in with all these people.

Don’t Be Afraid to Try New Things

When you want to impress the admissions team, you might write down every activity you did in high school. But spend some time thinking about why you spent your time on these activities. Do you want to do similar ones in college, or is there something new you’ve always wanted to try? Remember, it’s important to try new things. Your college years are a time for stepping out of your comfort zone. One of the benefits of college is that there are lots of places to exercise your passions. Find others who share your interests and look for opportunities to do new things you haven’t yet tried.

While it might be overwhelming to do new things, it’s often freeing to leave what you’ve always done behind and do something you’ve always wanted to. Some students find that between homework, classes, and a job, they don’t have enough time to try new activities. While you’re at college to learn, don’t let the years slip away. Consider letting some things go and taking the time to explore your passions. If you need the job to pay for school, consider taking out private student loans to pay for some of your school expenses. Your future self will thank you if you find your calling this way.

Don’t Be Overwhelmed by Your Options

It can be terrifying to stand in a group of people and club tables in your first year. In fact, lots of students avoid going to activities fairs completely. But don’t let the options overwhelm you. Take your time and do your homework. Attend these fairs and club meetings and get to know some students, letting them help you adjust. It’s not about the number of things you do but rather the quality. Engaging richly and deeply can give you a more valuable experience.

Don’t Try Too Hard to Find Your Place

It might seem counterintuitive, but don’t focus on trying to find your place. Whether it takes a few days or weeks or doesn’t happen until the end of the year, it will happen. Everyone adjusts to college differently, and you aren’t alone if you feel uncomfortable, even if you can’t see that now. Consider joining clubs that focus on helping others. You’ll find that when you’re thinking about others, there won’t be time to think about your discomfort or loneliness. Other students choose to join Greek life. Remember, it might take some introspection until you find your place. Don’t be afraid to take a leap of faith. Some might not last, but others might keep you grounded and help you stay involved in your college experience.