Smashbox introduces the Cover Shot Smoky Eye Pallette

Smashbox introduce...Cover Shot: Smoky Eye Pallete 1

Gone are the days of having to piece together your eyeshadow collection bit by bit, hoping to one day own the perfect selection of complimenting shades that only makeup artists have the luxury of, now we can all be proud owners.

Smashbox have certainly come through with their Cover Shot Eye Palettes range, which they collaborated on with Shay Mitchell, who put her personal touch on each palette ‘7 palettes, 7 shades of Shay’. I put their Cover Shot Eye Palette ‘Smoky’ to the test.

Smashbox introduce...Cover Shot: Smoky Eye Pallete

Firstly, let me say Smashbox have smashed it (no pun intended, ok maybe) with the packaging. It features an animated compact lid, showcasing the theme of explosive smokey-ness! The compact includes a mix of 6 shadows + 2 double-sized base shades:

•Headline – shimmering dark cranberry
•Hell Ya – shimmering deep bronze
•Rock Me – metallic pewter
•STFU – shimmering deep emerald green
•Slayer – matte dark charcoal
•Big Night – matte yet sparkling blackest black
•Feature – matte warm caramel base shade
•Instinct – matte pale cream base shade

These shadows are dreamy, possibly the most velvety textured shadows I have come across, so smooth and luxurious. The colour you see in the pan is the same colour pay off you get when applied.

Smashbox introduce...Cover Shot: Smoky Eye Pallete 3

This is a palette for everyone, whatever your eye colour or complexion, you can rock these shades on a night out. The sign of a good palette is getting use out of every shade, and that would be easily done with the Smoky palette. Smashbox have really listened to the market by including the two matte base shades, it ensures you’ll get full use of your palette without having to buy/reach for another eyeshadow to tie the whole look together. ‘Feature’ is a great base shade for deeper complexions, but it is also an amazing transition shade, used in the socket of the eye to contour on fairer complexions. Equally ‘Instinct’ is a great base shade, used to either prep the eye, or add a neutral highlight to the inner corner or brow bone.

The Smoky palette has endless possibilities, the combinations of these shadows could create some seriously glamorous yet edgy looks. The Smoky palette is heaven sent if smouldering sexy eyes is what you’re into, otherwise head to to see the other 6 Cover Shot Eye Pallette’s to cater to your makeup personality.

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