Talk about a year of voting for the lesser of two evils

Is there really any decision to be made

ChristinSposted 5 years ago

cheap moncler They both stink but I’ll take the candidate who will support women’s rights and who does not discriminate and would not deny the gay community their civil rights. So the lesser of two evils it is. Romney is completely out of touch with working class and has no idea what it takes to make it in this economy I don’t trust him to develop a sense of empathy for the people he views with utter disdain. He has never been among the working poor or middle class. He admits to being moncler jackets toronto born with a silver spoon. Obama is rich moncler jackets canada now, but he had humble beginnings, so at least he has had a taste of what it is like to be “one of us”.

buy moncler jackets I think we would see a faster, larger erosion of moncler outlets uk the middle class under any policies Romney would put in place and unfortunately he hasn’t shed any light on what those policies would be specifically. Rather than moncler jackets cheap focus on the big bird nonsense, he needs to moncler chicago say something substantive and stick to it. However, Romney’s record is one of massive “flip flopping” to say cheap moncler the least. He’ll pander to whoever he has to for election and then what? You don’t truly know where he stands and that’s dangerous.

With Obama we know what we are getting. My issue with him is that he signed the NDAA which cheap moncler coats for women effectively gives the government the right to detain “threats” indefinitely without due process. My stomach turns voting for someone who could sign such a thing but it moncler outlet store turns worse thinking where the right extremists who have hijacked the republican party might take us. Talk about a year of voting for the lesser of two evils. holy cow.

JayeWisdomposted 5 years ago

moncler sale outlet Not moncler coats for men for me! My decision is President Obama. “upper class” read: super wealthy), those voters will sadly rue the day they placed that vote. They will be harming their own interests. I only hope there are enough people left in this country who will thoroughly research the FACTS before they vote. However, having read the HP article by MyEsoterica about those political “followers” who don’t let facts affect them, I am very concerned. Funding for PBS programs comes from a variety of sources member stations’ dues, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, government agencies, foundations, corporations and private citizens. Romney Started Romney care which is now Obama care Moncler Factory Outlet when he was Govenor of Massachusetts. I will never vote for a man who 1) is a mormon 2) has no care about women at all 3) Has changed his view over and over again and flip flopped on so many issues 4) Has no respect for anyone that isnt make billions of dollars 5) is Republican. I will vote for Obama now as I did four years ago. As Bill Clinton womens moncler jackets said at the Democrat convention not him nor any president that was elected after George Bush could clean up the mess Obama was handed in three and a half years. Everyone want to complain about what the man has not done but no one has seen what he has done. Romney and Ryan will totally with out a doubt destroy this country for anyone who is making middle class income or less so unless you are rich God help us all. Here is Romneys flip flop video on you tube. Just goes to show how much he goes back and forth on his beliefs.

moncler outlet online Doc Snowposted 5 years ago

cheap moncler outlet Not for me. Mr. Romney made climate change a punchline, even as the Arctic sea ice hit a record low volume last month: compared with 1979 levels, it is down 80%. Yes, four fifths moncler outlet of the way to zero!

And the summer drought typical Official Moncler Outlet of what climate models tell us to expect increasingly often cost at least $20 billion in insured crop losses alone, and has already begun another spike in global food prices. (Similar spiking in 2010 helped initiate the unrest in the Middle East leading to the Arab Spring, and the current Syrian civil war.)

moncler sale So Mr. Romney is totally unequipped to set rational policies for the moncler jackets mens medium to long term best interests of this nation.

However, I also have moncler jacket online serious questions about his ideas on taxation and the economy. How will he pay for his tax rate cuts? Analysts do not find enough potential savings in deductions and other simplifications to compensate, so if he has, he should tell us how.

moncler outlet Why does he insist on expanding military spending when he claims that the deficit is moncler outlet online the biggest threat to moncler outlets usa US security, and when President Obama has managed to moncler coats for women extricate us from a couple of very expensive wars? Sure, we need to keep US armed forces strong. But how does imposing spending over and above Pentagon requests really further that goal? moncler coats for cheap We have a potential ‘peace dividend’ discount moncler jackets can we really not afford to cash it? (Judiciously, of course.)

And how moncler jackets outlet online much will this affect government? I understand that Republicans want a smaller government. But there’s ‘smaller’ and then there’s ‘eviscerated.’ Do we really want the latter?

cheap moncler sale Moreover, the loss of government moncler jackets kids jobs more than 700,000 of them, from park rangers to regulatory personnel to teachers has been a major drag on the recovery, and a significant factor in keeping unemployment above 8% for so long. Further belt tightening may be expected to have a similar effect. Just how much will be required under Mr. Romney’s plan?

Lastly, I must note a painful irony: Mr. Romney, in his infamous “47%” remarks, decried those who supposedly identify themselves as victims and refuse to take responsibility for moncler outlet uk their own actions and well being. Yet he paints the entire country as a ‘victim’ of moncler outlet usa Mr. Obama’s well intentioned but misguided “trickle down government” policies. Apparently, all responsibility lies at Mr. Obama’s door the least discount moncler outlet effective Congress in many decades gets a free pass.

moncler outlet sale But then, perhaps a one term Obama presidency moncler outlet canada really was “Job One”, as Mr. McConnell said.

pagesvoiceposted 5 years ago

cheap moncler coats If you believe a man should not control a woman’s right to moncler coats cheap choose, you should most likely vote for President Obama. If moncler coats you think women deserve equal pay, you should vote for Mr. Obama. If you think there should be no cap on medical expenses and that everyone is entitled to the exact same medical care and no one denied coverage because of a preexisting conditions you should vote for our current president. If you think banks, Wall Street, Oil and gas companies should have strict regulations and not weak ones, moncler outlet ny I would say Obama is your man. If you think Bush I II and trickle down economics which drove buy moncler jackets toronto us into a dire state of affairs is free enterprise, than perhaps moncler outlet mall Romney/Ryan who will strip your Social Security, Medicare and even Big Bird are your ticket of choice. In the United States, equality of all shouldn’t be a privilege, but it should be a right.

moncler outlet store Larry Wallposted 5 years ago

moncler mens jackets There is a decision to make and it is a hard decision. Most presidential elections where an incumbent is involved are hard decisions. Every president inherits something from the prior president. It could be a budget surplus. It could be a deficit. It could be the capturing of a ship or it could be 9 11. The next President has his agenda in mind, but is then faced with dealing cheap moncler jackets wholesale with moncler jackets men what he or she inherited cheap Moncler sale from the previous administration or previous Congress. So when an incumbent is running he has to defend whether or not he accomplished his goals but how he handled what he inherited. The challenger, is somewhat in the dark, because he may think he knows what is being left to him, but something could happen between the election and inauguration. Thus, there is cheap moncler jackets a decision to be made a difficult decision. The decision should be based not on party, ethnic background, religion or which one is more glib. The decision has to be made on reviewing the facts and each voter deciding, given the choices, what would be the best direction for the country. I do oppose voting for third moncler jackets on sale party candidates moncler outlet location who have not campaigned. If a third party candidate is so good, he should with a limited budget manage to get the mainstream air time and do more to promote his website. I find most third party candidates at all levels of government, just want to be able to moncler jackets say they moncler coats outlet were a candidate for_____________ (pick your office.)

I am not revealing how I vote, because I try to avoid showing bias in my comments. If everyone comments, some will say I am pro Obama and others pro Romney. I will not suggest what decision you should make. I only offer suggestions on what you should consider when making that decision.

LandmarkWealthposted 5 years ago

monlcer down jackets I would find it incredibly hard to vote to relect a president who in the midst of a fiscal crisis could not pass one budget in 4 years (as he is legally obligated to do), even with a super majority of congress for moncler jacket outlet the first two years of his presidency. His last budget was so far off the wall he could not even get a single member of his own party to support it. The President is an example of what happens when you elect someone who is cool rather than qualified. His first experience of running anything of any substance in his life was the amazingly the Presidency. That was literally his first executive position, and it shows. He can’t even lead the members of his own party let alone work with the the other party on any form of compromise. While Romney is not my ideal candidate in every way, nobody ever will be. He is however someone who has an enormous amount of executive leadership experience both public and private. Every major venture he has undertaken has been a success.

Lastly, the presidents lack of understanding of the most basic of macroeconomic concepts is downright scary. He is so far removed from what motivates small business owners like myself to take action, that if he doesn’t get it yet, he never will. Cap Ex in the corporate world is on stike and will remain that way as long as he is in charge. And I certainly can’t blame my fellow small business owners. The corporate world both big and small would rather hoard cash at negative real interest rates then commit to anything while he is in charge. We are now at an astonishing 2 trillion in cash on corporate balance sheets simply waiting out the Obama Presidency before they will deploy any of it.

cheap moncler jackets I personally find it terrifying how many members of congress as well have no practical business experience and understand so little of how markets work. I am starting to think that the President and all the members of congress should have to pass a test on economics and the impacts of both cheap moncler jackets outlet fiscal and monetary policy before they can run for office. They’d probably all think econometrics was a new band.