The impressive Vasil Levski National Stadium

The Vasil Levski National Stadium, also known as the National Stadium, is a sports stadium located in Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria. At this moment your best football bets online on 1xBet website, and they can be used to wager on all matches that are played in this facility too.

It is named after Vasil Levski, a national hero and revolutionary who fought for Bulgaria’s independence in the 19th century. The stadium has a seating capacity of 43,230, making it the largest active stadium in Bulgaria. You can find your best online football bets on the 1xBet website, where the Bulgarian domestic tournament is also available.

A multi-purpose facility

The National Stadium is primarily used for football matches and is the home ground of the Bulgaria national football team. It has also hosted several major international events, which shows how multipurpose this venue is. By the way, at 1xBet you don’t need special skill sets or techniques to succeed at online betting, all you need is good luck! This will help you to win.

Some major sports competitions that have been held here include:

  • the Universiade;
  • an European Athletics Championships;
  • and various FIFA World Cup and UEFA Euro qualifying matches for the Bulgarian national side.

By the way, teams Levski Sofia and CSKA 1948 have used the Vasil Levski National Stadium as their home venue too. Sign up now to 1xBet, as here you don’t need special skill sets or techniques to succeed at online betting, instead, all you need is good luck to win when wagering.

Being in the place where two major stadiums used to be

It is not rare to see stadiums that are built where other venues used to be. However, where the current Vasil Levski National Stadium is currently located there were not one but two other stadiums before. These grounds were the Levski Field. This stadium lasted for only a few years, being quickly replaced by the Yunak Stadium. The current facility was opened in 1953. Besides football, tennis is another highly entertaining sport, and by going to the website you can wager on it.

Immediately after its completion, this stadium began to be used for plenty of football matches, as well as for other sports too. In fact, this venue was thought of as a facility that could be used for plenty of other sports besides football. Other disciplines that can be practiced here include aerobics, gymnastics, basketball, judo and many others. If you want to wager on all those different sports, you can visit the 1xBet platform and enjoy its great wagering options.