These are the most Instagrammable Places in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a popular place with well-known developments. It’s also regarded as Sin City, where gambling and partying are very popular. There’s a lot of casinos in Las Vegas and most of them offer casino games for free. If you’re not a fan of gambling activities or parties, there’s a lot of reasons that Las Vegas won’t suit your preference. However, as the saying goes, Las Vegas has something for everyone. So, as a Canadian traveler, there’s always something that will keep you entertained in the most instagrammable places in Las Vegas.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s night or day in photo places in Las Vegas because there’s always a view to inspire any photographer. All that you need as a Canadian traveler is a perfect camera to capture the amazing views.

Here’s a list of Las Vegas Instagram spots:

The Sign of Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas

When entering any city, the first thing that usually attracts traveler’s attention is signs. And that’s what Las Vegas has, at the entrance of the city. The view is very realistic and fabulous as the sign shows Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas. As a Canadian traveler looking for photo places in Las Vegas, the view of the sign is the perfect spot to start capturing. The spot is located near Mandalay Bay. And be sure to go early because there’s always a cue that fantasizes about the view every day.

Helicopter Front at the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is a very popular place in Las Vegas. And lots of helicopter operators are always available to offer tours to Canadian travelers. And there’s no doubt that anyone would resist taking a photo in this amazing view. The landscape arrangement of the helicopters is what makes the Grand Canyon extraordinary. It’s located near the Henderson Executive Airport of Las Vegas.

Observation Wheel at The Linq Promenade

The Observation wheel at the Linq Promenade is exactly what any traveler would want to witness. It’s regarded as the world’s tallest observation wheel. And thinking about the height, it’s among the best Las Vegas Instagram locations. It doesn’t matter when you visit because they operate both day and night. Capturing the perfect shot from an amazing height of the observation wheel will get anyone mesmerizing. It takes up to 30 minutes for the wheel to rotate. And there are always professional operators managing the wheel for safety. It is located near South Las Vegas Boulevard.

Neon Sign Museum

The Neon Sign Museum is where the previous signs of Las Vegas are stored. In the museum, you won’t get tired of viewing signs because their collection is amazing. And it’s the perfect place for any Canadian traveler to take instagrammable photos. According to the view of Michelle Thomas, as an expert in guest post topics, with more experience about the Neon Sign Museum. There’s a lot of staff to guide guests in the Museum. The neon sign museum is located in White Street, New York.

The Seven Magic Mountains

The Seven Magic Mountain is a popular place in Las Vegas with lots of manmade stone collections. The stone sculpture is decorated in different colors, which creates an amazing view. There’s no doubt that no Canadian traveler could resist taking a photo when passing through the highway. Driving through the mountain takes about 30 minutes. It’s located on Boulevard, South Las Vegas. And you should keep in mind that the sculptures are stipulated in a desert-like area. So, it’s best to visit in the morning or evening to avoid heat from the sun.


Las Vegas has tons of lovely innovations that create instagrammable views. So, as a traveler, you won’t lack anything to capture during your trip.