Tips to Reinvent Your Style

Change is good for everyone in every area, including in your style. Changing your style on a regular basis can help you feel invigorated. Completely reinventing your look can keep you from having to wear the same thing every day. There are several things to keep in mind if this is your goal.

Budget to Invest in the Right Pieces

It can be expensive to reinvent your style, as you are essentially starting over. It’s wise to pace yourself and budget carefully. Instead of buying many inexpensive pieces, shop around to thoughtfully select high-quality pieces that will last for many years. Keeping the items cohesive with each other allow you to maximize each piece, which can help you stretch your clothing dollars further. It’s better to have a few high-quality pieces that work with each other than many items that don’t match.

Good budgeting will help you obtain as many pieces as you can to complete your look. Find areas to save. You might get less expensive t-shirts and have them tailored to fit you well. Then you can spend more on statement items, such as blazers or accessories. You can look into refinancing your current student loans to free up money to spend on your new look. By refinancing student loans with NaviRefi, it could free up enough to help you slowly build up your wardrobe each month with one or two quality items.

Get Rid of the Old Pieces

While you don’t need to get rid of your wardrobe all at once, you likely do have many pieces you never wear. Almost everyone has t-shirts they never wear. Even if you want to master dressing for comfort you’ll need to get rid of the items that got you into your style rut so you have a clean slate to work from. Keep only essential items that you can use in your new wardrobe. You can keep some sentimental items, but limit the number of sentimental things you keep. Keeping these sentimental things does not mean you need to wear them, so they can go in a separate space.

Try Starting Small

Before you get rid of everything, you might want to experiment to find what your new style looks like. Make some subtle changes to see if they work. Getting some new jewelry or sunglasses might help you see what you are looking for. Understanding your new style takes time, and it might change along the way. Building up as you go will help you take the time you need to learn about your new look. 

It’s a good idea to begin with basic style pieces and go from there. It also gives you a solid foundation that you can build out from. Look for sources of inspiration. You may go to social media, look to celebrities, or browse different fashion sites to see what stands out to you. Make sure your new style aligns with your lifestyle. Think about your environment. If your office requires professional attire and you want to wear tropical-inspired attire, you might have to limit how much you wear these items.