Warcraft Classic: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Shaman Class

If we will try to make the list of the best computer games of the last twenty years, then Warcraft Classic must be in the top ten. This is the game that made many MMORPG fans fall in love with it many years ago and continues to build its fanbase to this day.

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A shaman is a warrior + magician. He fights and uses his spells at the same time. All shaman’s abilities depend on their mana. Enhancement Shaman has the highest DPS.


The shaman treats a little worse than the druid. He has only two healing spells: a Healing Wave and a Healing Splash. The first spell is distinguished by a long cast time and a large amount of restored life, and the second, respectively, vice versa. There is also a group treatment called Chain Healing, but it is rarely used.


Totems are a unique ability of the shaman and allow him to impose various magical effects on a certain area of action. Totems come in four elements: earth, fire, air, and water. You can only use 1 totem of each element at a time, so there are no more than 4 of them in total at the same time. In total, the shaman has many types of totems, more than 20. Therefore, in each situation, the shaman must decide which totems from the entire arsenal to use.

Weapon Buffs

The shaman can enchant his weapon. There are four spells for this. The most commonly used is the Fury of the wind. But in general, the choice depends on the situation.

Attacking Spells

The shaman’s main attacking spells are shocks, which are used instantly and cause decent damage. There are also several types of attacking totems, including those that deal damage by area.

Weakening Spells

The shaman has only one spell of this kind, this is the Dispelling of magic, which removes positive effects from the enemy. The spell is especially valuable in PvP. There is also a slowing Totem of the shackles of the earth.

Special Abilities

Walking on Water. It is a spell that can be cast on any friendly player. It gives the ability to walk on water, but when receiving any damage, it subsides.

The Ghost wolf shaman turns into a ghost wolf, which accelerates him by 40% of his normal running speed. This ability appears at level 20, whereas a druid has a similar ability only at 30.

Reincarnation. After death, a shaman can instantly resurrect, once an hour. A very useful ability helps with the complete death of the party. It requires a reagent.

Astral return allows you to move to the anchor point of the stone once every 15 minutes.

Playing in a group

Let’s list everything that is required of a shaman in a group:

  1. Put reinforcing totems correctly enough so that everyone is in the area of the totem.
  2. Do not forget to treat party members if the main healer does not cope (or if you play his role). If a competent priest copes with the treatment of the party, it is better not to interfere with him.
  3. Do not use attacking totems if you are not sure that they will not harm the group, for example by removing the Transformation from the mob.
  4. If you feel that the group is going to die now, run away somewhere to a safe place. After all, you have a reincarnation that will allow you to resurrect the whole group.
  5. Control the mana consumption, you should always have a reserve for treatment.


When playing solo, the shaman uses the entire arsenal of his strengthening and attacking abilities. Before attacking the monster, set up strengthening totems and check that your weapon is enchanted with a spell. The fight usually begins with a long cast like Lightning Bolt, after which one of the shocks is cast. Moving on to melee combat, the shaman fights with weapons and casts cooldown shocks. If necessary, do not forget to get treated.


The shaman can choose any professions he likes, but the following combinations will be the most useful: Skinning/Tanning, Mining/Engineering, Herbalism/Alchemy, and Fishing/Cooking. First aid is a necessary secondary skill for everyone.

A shaman may not be the most popular class among players (for example, according to 2019 data, 6 percent of players used it), but he definitely deserves attention, since he combines healing and damage at the same time.