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My 7 yr old son is autistic and has “super powers” because of it. He is obsessed with dates. If you tell him your birthday, he can tell you how old you were on any other date. He didn talk canada goose store goose outlet canada until he was 5. By 6 canada goose Canada Goose Jackets outlet store he canadagooseuk learned English by canada goose outlet parka watching Youtube videos. Anything canada goose outlet reviews we ask him not to do is written law in his canada goose clearance sale mind. If he accidentally breaks a rule he gets really upset with himself. He doesn have an aggressive bone in canada goose jacket outlet his body. His math skills are incredible. He an amazing online gamer and my best friend. If we woke up tomorrow and he was a “normal” kid I would be devastated.

My oldest child is autistic and has speech apraxia. He is severely speech delayed. We spend lots of official canada goose outlet time and money on therapy, various exercises and reading up on different things to try that might benefit him. I do not regret my child ever. Not for one moment of canada goose coats one day. Yes, cheap Canada Goose having a disabled child is more work than I Canada Goose sale imagined, but the payoff is worth it. He is crazy smart, funny, loves playing canada goose soccer and his four wheeler. His favorite color is red, and canada buy canada goose jacket cheap goose outlet in usa he canada canada goose factory sale goose black uk canada goose outlet friday sale wants canada goose uk outlet his canada goose outlet canada own dog canada goose factory outlet and cat. He is five years old and just said his own name for the first time last month. He works so hard in speech therapy and occupational therapy. Harder than a lot of people older than him. canada goose uk shop And not because he is canada goose coats on sale forced to, but because he wants to. He has never told me verbally that he loves me, partially because he cannot and partially because he does not know best love means. He does not know what happy or canada goose Canada Goose Parka outlet nyc mad or proud means. (Its harder than you may think to define those emotions for a very literal child lol) but he canada goose outlet uk sale shows me every day with hugs and playing games and when he lets me into his little world. He is worth the extra work, the extra bills for therapy, the nights of worry. canada goose outlet online He is worth it all.

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Because people have been brainwashed into safe and effective. They are taught that if you are vaccinated you are basically immune forever and this immunity is as canada goose outlet new york city good as you would get if you actually had the disease. That and vaccine side effects are super rare 1 in a million, and if you get one it probably just a coincidence anyway. The general public are also sold canada goose outlet a very simplistic version about Andrew Wakefield and his study on 10 kids. Ie the fact john walker smith who worked with Andrew Wakefield who was also struck off by the gmc won his high canada goose outlet toronto factory court appeal, is never mentioned. It would get in the way of the www.canadagooseuk.net narrative anyway.

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I am always weirded out by American baby bunk rooms when they appear on canada goose outlet shop TV. Here in Denmark, we don put the babies together in one room, instead newborn babies sleep in their parents room in the hospital canada goose outlet sale (that if you stay overnight, which most people only do with their first child unless there a problem).

What is the advantage of keeping all the babies together? It feels like this canada goose outlet canada goose uk black friday uk is a perfect time for parents to bond with their child, start working on breastfeeding, etc.

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seriously?? I also an American, a dad of a 5 and a 3 year old. With both of our kids, the hospital made us sign releases that we had been informed about dangerous behaviors that could lead to infant death. One of them was bed sharing. We were told canadian goose jacket to never share a bed with a child under 6 months because you can accidentally suffocate them when you are sleeping.

to be clear, I not canada goose outlet black friday judging you. There were certainly times when Canada Goose Coats On Sale both my wife and I nodded off during a 3 AM feeding. I just surprised that the hospital would canada goose clearance encourage Canada Goose Outlet this considering how directly opposite our experience was.

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To be clear I meant the hospitals didn’t fuss cheap canada goose uk when baby slept in canada goose black friday sale my room. There was a crib there. But they said nothing if I fell asleep canada goose outlet jackets holding the baby. At home we bed shared. If done safely and following all of the safety guidelines (such has no loose blankets on the bed, no bedsharing if any alcohol or meds that make you drowsy have been consumed etc) it is perfectly safe. And allowed me to get more uk canada goose sleep because 90% of my night was not rocking a baby Canada Goose online back to sleep. We all slept better buy canada goose jacket for it.