What are the benefits of cycling to work?

Sometimes it’s just not feasible to drive to work, you could work in the middle of a city, and have congestion charges and extortionate parking fees to contend with, or the overall cost of buying and maintaining a car just isn’t something you commit to at the moment. 

In this case, a bike can be a great way to make sure you’re still able to commit to work and honestly, can be a lot more reliable in the long run. 

Cycling is cheaper

One of the main benefits of cycling to work is that you’re saving money. Car tax, MOTs, insurance, plus those rising fuel costs all mount up. A significant amount of your take-home pay is going towards getting to your place of work.

Investing in a good-quality bicycle is a much more cost-effective mode of transport. Even after buying the all-important puncture repair kit and protective gear like a helmet, this is a much cheaper way to get around. In some situations you might need your bike fixing by a professional – in which case, a short term loan could help you get back on the road. If you don’t have the funds to fix things quickly, be sure you can make the repayments before taking out a financial product. 

However, repairing a bike is more economical than repairing a car over the years, so the books will still be balanced if you swap from four wheels to two.  

Cycling is popular 

Cycling has grown in popularity in the last two years. Back in 2020, Halfords reported an increase of 46% in like-for-like sales, and profit forecasts for the cycling brand were revised to over £55 million. This was over double the lowest £25 million forecast from earlier that year. 

Since then, the trend for getting on our bikes has continued. Last year, it was revealed that one-third of cyclists are cycling more since the beginning of the pandemic, revealing that we’ve changed how we get around. 

Cycling is healthier

If you’re doing hybrid working patterns, you can balance out sitting behind a desk at home with a bike ride to the office on the days you’re there in person. This is a great form of exercise and gets you out in the sunshine. 

There are plenty of health benefits to enjoy when you go for a bike ride. You get to soak up some vitamin D, which is good for bone and muscle health. It also gets your heart rate up, improving circulation and reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Plus, like other types of exercise, cycling triggers the ‘happy hormones’ like serotonin and dopamine, boosting your mood. 

So, why not try cycling for your commute tomorrow?