What Travelling Entails for a Vacationing Online Gambler?

Everyone loves to take a vacation every once in a while. Whether you are a nurse, a lawyer, a student, or enjoying your retirement, you will sooner or later want to take a short break from your everyday life and enjoy some time away from your daily routine. But what if you are an online gambler? How can you enjoy your favourite games away in a foreign country or even just another town? 

We know the answers! 

Take Advantage of Free Wi-Fi

Why spend your data plan when you can get an internet connection for free? Even the most remote villages in the Mediterranean, where you stay in cabins or ancient stone houses, have Wi-Fi on the list of their facilities. Just ask your host for the password, and spend money on gambling and gaming rather than expensive internet. 


Even with free Wi-Fi, there is a chance you’ll have to purchase a VPN program, especially if you are travelling abroad. Online casinos don’t operate in all markets but, at the same time, strive to provide the same level of service to their existing users. If you are vacationing in a country where gaming is not allowed, you will have to use a VPN to avoid restrictions. Make sure to ask customer support whether that’s okay with the casino, as some strictly prohibit using VPN.

Experiment with New Games

Many players have a list of their favourite games they always stick to. Who knows, maybe you want to play Rainbow Riches online slot at Rainbow Spins, the UK’s most popular online casino, and nothing else? Well, vacation is the right time to explore new and exciting games. Spice up your days down at the beach or up on the ski slopes with related themed games! 

Download the App 

Trust us on this one – you’ll definitely want to get an app. All the best online casino brands have them, so there is no reason not to install them. For instance, the RainbowSpins app provides safer and more direct access to all your gaming favourites. A tap on your mobile phone screen is all it takes to start a new gaming session. 

Pick Casinos with Player Protection Tools

Pick the right sites, and above all else, use them! A cocktail here, a long wait to board the ferry there, and you might spend more than you planned. Put safe gaming tools to good use, and set both your time and money limits before taking off. It is incredibly easy to forget all about personal limits and responsible gambling when you are on vacation, as we are living a more relaxed way of life, at least for a while anyway!

Carry a Power Bank

Invest in this gadget, and you won’t be sorry. Power banks are cheaper and lighter than ever before and can be real lifesavers. Carry it around with you and simply recharge your phone when the battery decides to leave you hanging. No more embarrassing conversations with waiters and store owners about borrowing their outlets.

Gaming and gambling when travelling can be great fun, but just make sure you are prepared!