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Winter 2023

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This Spring Swan Lake Graces the Royal Opera House Once More

This Spring, the Royal Ballet is set to enchant audiences once again with its opulent rendition of Swan Lake, gracing the grand stage of the Royal Opera House. Starting in Spring and returning for an encore in Summer, this production continues to hold a special place in the hearts of ballet enthusiasts, firmly establishing itself…

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6 Things You Should Know About Laser Hair Removal Treatments

Are you tired of constantly shaving, waxing, or plucking unwanted hair? Laser hair removal might be the answer you’ve been looking for! This non-invasive treatment has gained popularity in recent years as a quick and effective way to permanently reduce hair growth. But before booking your first appointment, there are a few things you should…

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Award Winning Dining at Kitty Fisher’s

In the grand scheme of life’s certainties – death, taxes and tube strikes – there’s one more thing you can add to that list: a fail-safe, exceptional dining experience at Kitty Fisher’s. Back in December 2014, this Mayfair gem burst onto the scene with a flourish of critical acclaim, marking 2024 as a milestone year…

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7 Effective Ways to Boost Your Motivation Every Day

Motivation is like a muscle. The more you work it, the stronger it gets. But just like muscles, motivation can also get tired and need a break. The key to keeping your motivation high is to mix it up and use different strategies to keep yourself interested and engaged. Here are seven effective ways to…

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