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Winter 2020

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An interview with: Stef Fit

In the year that brought us the Zoom meeting, it was no surprise that my interview with Stefanie Williams, was nothing short of a WFH call and a few technical difficulties. Despite not being able to meet face to face, Stefanie, who goes by the name Stef Fit on Instagram jokes that she isn’t video…

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5 Tips for Greener Beauty on Earth Day

As we enjoy Earth Day 2021 this can be a time to reflect on the products we use and their impact on the world we inhabit. In the current climate, caring about the ecological effect of the products in our beauty routine has never been more important. However, knowing what to look out for and…

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Is Drinking Tea Good For You?

Tea has always been a debatable topic, whether its consumption is good or bad for your health. A Tea Council-funded study by the European Journal for Clinical Nutrition mentions that tea causes no harm if consumed in normal quantities. So, you should be just fine if you drink less than a gallon of tea a…

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How to Sleep Good and Stay Warm Through the Night

After a long and hectic day, all we desire is to tuck into our sheets and get a good night’s sleep. However, sometimes that good night’s sleep doesn’t just come by itself. You need to create an external environment and internal conditions that promote slumber. For example, the temperature of the room can impact your…

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