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Spring 2022

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Dylan is slowly turning her dream of becoming a popstar into reality with her brand of catchy and empowering indie-pop songs.  If you haven’t heard of Dylan yet, this is your warning that she is about to blow up. Household name, can’t get her song out of your head because you’ve heard it on the…

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Natural Ways Of Replenishing Your Skin & Hair At Home

Your skin and hair are your body’s largest organs, so it’s important to take care of them both internally and externally. Luckily, there are plenty of natural ways to replenish your skin and hair at home. Exfoliate Your Skin Regularly One of the best ways to keep your skin looking its best is to exfoliate…

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The Colony Grill

The Colony Grill is one of London’s most beloved restaurants. This elegant New York-style grill room is the beating heart of The Beaumont and an ode to old-world glamour. It is famed for its table-side preparation and flambés which offer a touch of transatlantic signature dishes, such as crustacea, juicy steaks and iconic ice cream…

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On Safari Lamu, Kenya

Ninth-century ruins, pristine beaches, artisan boutiques and a unique blend of Swahili, Indian, Arab and Chinese cultures make Lamu must-visit.  Kenya is a country of vast and diverse landscapes, cities thronging with tech startups, mountain peaks towering over lush green valleys, and Maras graced by some of the world’s most beautiful wildlife. However there’s one…

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