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Celebrity by CHANEL

To mark the 100-year anniversary of CHANEL N°5, the world’s most famous perfume, CHANEL has convened inspiring voices from their fields to reflect on the under-explored notion of celebrity, in a new short film released today.  Appearing in the film are celebrated actress and face of N°5 Marion Cotillard, distinguished ballet dancer and choreographer Marie-Agnès…

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7 Secrets of Celebrity Runway Looks

We adore a red carpet event and live for the looks, lineups, and celebrity glam. Some of the most iconic moments in fashion were crafted on the runway and taken straight to the red carpet.   Runway fashion often reaches the public when we see a celebrity representing a brand at a fashion or red carpet…

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HIVE, Selfridges London

HIVE set out on a mission to re-establish our connection with natural flavours and our environment, it is excelling stratospherically in both areas. This beautiful intimate restaurant is an ode to the golden elixir of honey, it even has an on-site beekeeper and chic white beehives that are home to 100,000 Western bees, which can…

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Why It’s Important to Store Your Tobacco and Cigars the Right Way

  Smoking tobaccos and/or cigars is a rewarding experience. However, to get that perfect experience, you shouldn’t just rely on how well it’s made. Apparently, tobaccos and cigars are like wine, they get better as they age. Thus, it is important that you store it well just as how carefully you store your wines. But…

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