4 Trending Unisex Styles That You Should Definitely Try Out In 2023

Forget all the talk about whether or not the world needs unisex fashion. Everyone is free to wear whatever they want, even if that means crossing the gender divide every so often. After all, isn’t fashion about liberty, fluidity, and the right to express oneself fully and unapologetically? 

If you’re one of many who’ve fallen hook, line, and sinker for unisex clothing and footwear, these four trending styles excite you. Take a look.

1. Cargo Pants: For a Taste of Old That’s Truly Gold

Cargo pants are back with a bang! Spotted on high-fashion faces and celebrities like Hailey Bieber and Hilary Duff, cargo pants are bound to clog our feeds for the rest of 2023. They’re just as functional and classy as they were in the early ‘00s, but this time, they’re gathering attention for an entirely different reason: their oversized vibes and multi-pocketed sides.

Draw the oversized vibes upwards from your cargo pant to your outwear by pairing the pants with an oversized jacket. Another fun and easy way to elevate these pants is to pair them with accessories that pop. Think bright reds, metallic, and neons. If you’re bold, you’d be glad to know that snapping a high-cut jumpsuit under a pair of baggy cargo pants yields an unbeatable look.

2. Skirts: For Making a Bold Statement  

If you are ready to give your jeans or pants a rest, skirts are comfortable, fashion-forward, and surprisingly versatile, regardless of the weather. 2023 is the year these statement pieces will finally step out of the shadows.

To play with your body’s curvature, try A-line skirts, which are fitted at the waist and widen at the hems like a capital ‘A.’ Pair an A-line skirt with a slim-fitting top to amplify this hourglass effect. If you’re in the mood for something heavy and hard-wearing, a utility kilt skirt fits the profile perfectly. 

3. Sheer Clothing: For a Sexy and Effortless Look

Talk about effortless fashion. Sheer clothing is gorgeous and wearable on almost all occasions by people of all body types and ages. The sheer trend, which percolated last spring before exploding over the summer, is back for more this year—but with a far more subtle appeal.

Wear a sheer shirt and nothing else if you’re comfortable bearing it all. But fear not; you can easily compliment this look using a structured long blazer or a belt to provide some wanted coverage. If full sheer isn’t your thing, consider a brightly colored sheer top instead. Pair it under a more neutral blazer or jacket for an underrated but sexy look. 

When in doubt, sprinkle in some bling. You can layer jeweled accessories on top of a black shirt or, if budget allows, pick a sheer outfit already encrusted with jewelry. This is a simple and glitzy way to create coverage without sacrificing the barely-there element of sheer clothing.

4. On Running Shoes: For an Unbeatable Cool Factor and Practicality

From On Cloudnova to On Cloundmonster, premier running shoes from On are incredibly popular, and that won’t change anytime soon. It’s not hard to see why the shoes have gone mainstream: They’re comfortable, stylish, affordable, and slip right on with On’s smart speed lacing system. 

On’s business has been on an upward trajectory for quite a while now. Besides, the brand has liaised with quite a few high-profile celebrities in recent years, including Zendaya. So, yes, these shoes are the coolest pieces of footwear around.

The good news is, getting a good pair or two is possible if you look in all the right places. JD Sports, for instance, takes trending unisex styles seriously and stocks a wide variety of high-quality On Running shoes, pants, and shorts.

Unisex is the New Style

Unisex styles portray, above all else, freedom and fluidity. They signify the start of an important era of bold fashion and unique clothing. So as you step out rocking any of the styles above, know you’re part of something special. Something never witnessed before. Be bold. Be stylish. Be you.