5 Creative Wedding Guest Book Ideas

Is your wedding day round the corner? Done with finalizing a location? Decided upon the theme? Have the menu in order? Working on the décor? Planning the guest list? 

Despite having so many things to do and being all over the place; planning a wedding is an absolute treat!

Almost everyone strives toward having the perfect wedding. No matter how much we deny it; we all want our nuptials to be memorable for the guests and become the talk of the town. For this purpose; most couples put in high efforts in having grand decors, scrumptious and wide variety of food on the menu and so on. Although all these do matter; what most to-be-weds overlook is the simplest way to make their wedding memorable for their guests. 

There are several ways to engage the guests and make them feel involved in the wedding. One of the most prominent ways of doing so that has been a tradition for years is the concept of wedding guest books!

These not only entertain the guests but also become a souvenir of the day that can be preserved by the married couple for years to reminisce on a beautiful day and who they celebrated it with. 

Gone are the days when wedding books meant simply signing a book. If you are planning to incorporate a wedding guest book on your wedding day; you are at the right place!

Below are enlisted 5 creative wedding guest book ideas that will blow the minds of your guests. Rest assured they will certainly enjoy these. Read along and pick the one that appeals the most to you!

1] Photo booth 

Aren’t weddings all about photographs? Weddings are a great opportunity to be all dolled up and no one misses out on it. When so well dressed; most guests are occupied with clicking their pictures at your wedding. This fact can be leveraged to have a creative guestbook to engage your guests! Install photo booths with polaroid cameras at different sites at your wedding venue and let your guests have fun clicking them! Right beside the photo booth, set up a rope with fairy lights and wooden clips. Your guests can click their photographs, sign and add a note for you below the picture or behind it! They can then suspend these on the rope with wooden clips. This set-up can later be installed on a brightly painted wall or corner in your house, serving as a great memoir and décor! 

2] Jenga 

The gratification of placing the Jenga blocks and the disappointed hoots when the Jenga tower topples down is just unmatched. Jenga is a go-to game for so many of us. It is a classic on a late night when sipping on wine, enjoying with your partner, group of friends or family. Use the Jenga blocks as a guest book for your wedding! Let the guests sign their names on the blocks and every time you take out the game to play; you will have a ride down the memory lane of your special day! 

3] Wedding Video guest book 

Every message from others is always better with a face and voice. This is what is making video guestbooks popular in today’s world. Video guest books are imperishable and often more immersive than any other form of a guestbook. Design and place your signage all around the wedding venue. The signage shall have QR codes. All your invitees have to do is scan the code and film themselves! This will save the trouble of signing in, installing apps and so on. All videos can be collated in one place through the automation of video tools. Even candid moments at the wedding can be shot. A wedding video guest book can let you re-experience the event in its entirety; which no other guestbook really can! 

4] Pop the balloon frame!

Simply writing notes or signing might seem like a task to the guests. To bring in some zest into the guestbook tradition; set up a game! Have a frame with a long white paper sheet. Attach paint-filled balloons to these sheets. When your guests come up; ask them to hit the balloons with the darts and then sign their name or give marriage advice on the color mark that is left! You will certainly enjoy the sight of your guests laughing and cheering up as they play along! 

5] Aesthetic Tree 

Aesthetic trees are a common yet classic idea for a guestbook. Get some cherry blossom models and ask guests to sign or write notes which can then be suspended with ribbon from the branches of these trees. It is even better if your trees have some warm lighting! This can serve as a charming decorative piece on your side tables! 

You can always think out of the box and try out something completely unique that reflects you and your partner’s life. The guest books could be based on your common hobby, precious memory and so on. 

Weddings are too good to be forgotten. Therefore; plan your guestbook so you preserve and relive your special day for years to come!