5 Things That Will Make You Fall in Love with Paris

One of the most famous cities in the World, Paris really does have a lot to offer its tourists. From its stunning architecture to its romantic ambience and rich cultural scene, you’ll find many reasons to fall in love with great city.

Not convinced? Here, you’ll discover just 5 things that will make you fall in love with Paris.

1. The River Seine

One thing which really adds to the romance of the city, is the River Seine which runs right through it. Running right through the heart of the city, you’ll get to walk along its banks as you explore Pars by foot.

The river also has a fascinating history. It was once the main trading route for the Vikings and Romans. These days, it’s lined with great boutiques, cafes and games tables you can enjoy.

2. It’s romantic ambience

No other city boasts quite the same romantic atmosphere as Paris. With its fantastic range of art galleries and museums, breath-taking stained glass displays, the stunning River Seine and the striking Notre Dame, it’s the number one destination for couples.

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3. Its bakeries

If there’s just one thing that makes you fall in love with Paris, it’s going to be the bakeries. You’ll find a tempting bakery located around every street, offering all kinds of mouth-watering delights you can tuck into. The pastries made in the city are some of the tastiest in the world, so definitely not to be missed!

4. Home to the greatest museum

If you love to take in cultural attractions, Paris is home to arguably the greatest museum in the world. The Louvre is known to be the largest museum and art gallery in the globe, situated right on the bank of the River Seine. There’s also an excellent range of lesser known museums and art galleries to be explored throughout the city.

5. A shopper’s paradise

If you love to shop, you’ll love Paris! You’ll get to experience some of the best stores in Europe, from sparkling jewels to high-end fashion, it has everything you could possibly want and need. Head to the Boulevard Haussmann to start your upmarket shopping experience.

So, there you have it – 5 things that will make you fall in love with Paris. These are just a really small selection of the best things the city has to offer. Why not book a short break to the city of love today and see why so many tourists return year upon year?