6 Ways to Style Gold Hoop Earrings Like a Fashion Pro – 2024 Guide

Hoop earrings have always been a staple jewelry piece that can stand against all trends.

They’re simple and versatile and add style to every outfit. Whether you’re a minimalist or extravagant, you can easily find gold hoop earrings to style and maximize the good looks. 

This guide will help you style such earrings as a pro, following the 2024 trends. Excited? Let’s get there!

1. Everyday Huggie Looks

Huggien hoops are the small and tiny earrings that stand close to the year. They’re elegant and easy to combine with casual looks. Pair the huggie hoops with the jeans and t-shirt combination, or wear them with your business casual style for work.

2. Croissant Hoops to Look Like Parisian

They can be big or small, but with their twirled shape, these earrings remind me of French croissants. As a shape and style, they’re great for those who don’t want to overdo the looks but still need something more than the huggie hoops. 

3. Chunky Hoops for a Bold Looks 

The shape is similar to the croissant hoops, but the texture is smooth. They come in matte and shiny finish, making each day or evening look elegant and sophisticated. It’s easy to combine them with silky dresses, as well as casual elegant styles.

4. Subtle and Textured Hoops

Textured hoops can be either big or small but also ribbed, hammered, twisted – anything you like. They add sophistication to your looks without being overwhelming. Pair these earrings with a one-color female suit – preferably not black.

5. Disco Hoops for Vintage Style

The large and wide earrings were popular in the 70s disco era. They’re bold and stylish, and it’s not so easy to combine them. Anyway, wear floral maxi dresses with a denim jacket – these earrings go perfectly with such style. 

6. Mismatched Hoops – Just so Random

Different earrings in the same style are pretty popular among hoops enthusiasts. Also, the mismatched term is used to describe the hoops that aren’t circular. So, whether you like the idea of oval or curled hoops or different (still similar) designs on each ear – you won’t be wrong.

Gold Hoops Beyond the Styles

When choosing your favorite earrings, it’s important to focus on materials, design, and durability. Gold hoop earrings are an investment piece that will never go out of style. And yes – you can always have more than one pair to combine with each look, depending on your current mood or preferences.