7 Secrets of Celebrity Runway Looks

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We adore a red carpet event and live for the looks, lineups, and celebrity glam. Some of the most iconic moments in fashion were crafted on the runway and taken straight to the red carpet.  

Runway fashion often reaches the public when we see a celebrity representing a brand at a fashion or red carpet event. But sometimes, it seems impossible to translate those edgy, luxury looks to our fashion moments.  

The secret? A LOT more goes into each runway style than simply choosing an outfit and throwing it on. In fact, celebrity stylists have shared industry tips and tricks for nailing the next celebrity runway look. 

We’ve rounded up our favorite secrets of the runway fashion industry and seven ways to look your best for your next event, holiday, or night out. You can accomplish nearly all of them with everyday household items you already have! 

Our Top 7 Secrets Of Celebrity Runway Looks

It may seem like every celebrity has everything in place perfectly at all times. But all of our bodies are uniquely beautiful and uniquely shaped. That’s what makes them amazing.

But if you want to look runway-ready, sometimes a little extra effort is called for. In that case, you can use tips from celebrity stylists to look and feel your best. 

Tape, Tape, Tape

Have you ever had a backless dress or a plunging neckline and aren’t sure how to hold everything, well, in?

The celebrity secret—tape. 

Here are a few different ways to use adhesive to keep your girls in place:

  1. Adhesive Bras: The simplest and most supportive solution is an adhesive bra. These bras are designed specifically for different breast shapes and can be taped to provide lift without lines. You can adjust for more cleavage or lift and feel confident all night.
  2. Double-Sided Tape: If you don’t need a lift so much as to avoid a wardrobe malfunction, double-sided tapes can be your best friend. Use some strategically placed tape to hold your garments in place and keep anything from slipping out.
  3. Nipple Cover: These small adhesive fashion accessories take up the least amount of space on your body while still doing the job. You can find them in silicone or simple adhesive. While many women don’t mind a little bit of nipple poking out, use a nipple cover if you prefer not to show anything.
  4. Scotch Tape or Bandaids: Some fabrics are thin enough that a nipple cover or adhesive bra shows through, especially under the flashing lights. In that case, try two small pieces of scotch tape or bandaids stuck in an “x” across the nipple. Be sure you remove them gently when the night is over.

Choosing The Right Kind Of Undergarments

Similar to the choice between tapes above, you need to choose the right underwear as well. Good fashion underwear should do two things: support you comfortably and be invisible.

Keep these tips in mind:

  • For support and a flattering fit, try shapewear. Yes, even celebrities use shapewear. The idea of shapewear is to support any part of your body that needs an extra boost. It helps smooth out your curves and maximize the features you want to highlight. 
  • Always, always, always go seamless. Tonight is not the night for your cotton undies! If your outfit hugs your hips at all, opt for seamless underwear to ensure your undergarments are invisible. A seamless thong is the best.
  • Choose the right shade. Find underwear that matches your skin tone as closely as possible. Brands have finally become more inclusive in their skin-tone products, and many have a range of shades to choose from. 

The Many Uses Of Deodorant

We all know the importance of deodorant for a big night out. But did you know that you can use deodorant to solve a lot of fashion problems? Here are our favorite uses for deodorant after using it the regular way:

  1. Reduce shine and keep makeup in place: Celebrities use spray-on deodorant on their faces to keep out unwanted oiliness or sweat throughout the night. It also acts as a makeup setting spray.
  2. Keep your shoes dry: Spray a little deodorant directly onto the soles of your feet before you slip on your shoes for the night. The antiperspirant will help keep your feet from sweating and keep your shoes from getting too slippery.
  3. Stop the chafe: Chafing between your thighs can ruin a great night. It’s uncomfortable and sometimes painful. Before you slip on your clothes, spray or rub on some deodorant between your thighs, and enjoy a chafe-free event!
  4. Another tip from celebrities? Use a sponge or garment brush to remove deodorant marks on your clothes.

Sandpaper Shoes?

While deodorant can be a great hack to help your feet stay dry and comfortable in your shoes— sometimes you need even tougher support. 

A favorite celebrity hack for any footwear is to stick a little piece of sandpaper in your shoes. It might sound uncomfortable but think of it as a bit of pumice treatment. 

The sandpaper adds grip to the soles of your feet and keeps them from slipping down your shoe. Particularly for high heels with a tight toe, this sandpaper hack can save your feet a lot of pain. 

Hair Spray For Your Clothes

That’s right! Hair spray isn’t just for your hair. The next best trick for hairspray is to assist you in a war against static. 

We’ve probably all had the immensely frustrating experience of slipping on a beautiful dress only to find the fabric sticking to our legs in all the wrong ways. Static cling occurs when fabric rubs against another material, building up an electric charge where positively and negatively charged surfaces are attracted to each other.

You’ll notice static cling more often during winter and dry climates. Static will also likely increase if you’re wearing shapewear, which creates a larger surface area for fabrics to rub together. 

Static cling will also be particularly strong with the following fabrics:

  1. Wool
  2. Fur
  3. Silk
  4. Polyester
  5. Rayon

So how do you combat the static cling?

Hair spray! 

The formula in hairspray reduces static cling in your hair—that’s how it keeps hair frizz and flyaways at bay. But the same formula can also work on your clothes.

Simply give the inside of your outfit a good spray with an aerosol hair spray. You can also spray yourself down after putting on shapewear and before putting on your outer clothing. Let it dry for a couple of seconds, and then finish dressing up.

Voilà! No more static cling.

Fun fact: you can also use dryer sheets to reduce static cling! Simply rub a dryer sheet up and down all sides of your legs. Read on to learn more about the anti-static powers of dryer sheets.

Dryer Sheets For Your Hair

In the same way that hairspray can reduce static on clothes, dryer sheets—which help reduce static in the laundry—can be used to tame your hair. 

If you’re looking for a little extra help taming flyaways or keeping static at bay, try a dryer sheet. Simply take one sheet and smooth it over your hair once or twice. The natural properties of the dryer sheet will neutralize any static charges and help your hair stay smooth through the night.

Another way to fix your hair is to press the dryer sheet into the bristles of your brush, so it settles at the base. Then brush your hair normally. This method helps ensure that the sheet makes good contact with your hair strands.

Another benefit of the dryer sheet is that it gives your hair a gorgeous smell. But consider the scent you want before you rub it into your hair! You might want to buy lavender or floral sheets over something that smells like laundry.

Control Frizz With Chapstick Or A Toothbrush

A dryer sheet won’t work for everyone’s hair. Some of us have curly hair that we never brush, or others may just prefer not to rub a dryer sheet up there. 

In that case, you can use a couple of other common household items to control your frizz.

  1. Chapstick: You can use your regular chapstick to smooth down any stubborn flyaways. Simply hold a strand of hair and very lightly run the chapstick down it. The moisture in the chapstick will help your hair strands cling together.
  2. Toothbrush: If you have a spare toothbrush at home, grab it for your frizz. Simply spray some hairspray on the bristles and then comb this through the trouble areas in your hair. Both of these household items are a great way to target your most stubborn frizz.

Final Thoughts

Runway fashion doesn’t have to be out of reach. Many celebrities and celebrity stylists have shared their tips and tricks for getting the perfect look for a big event. You can use simple household items to control frizz, reduce static, and hold everything in place. 

However, you should always remember that you look fabulous no matter what you wear!