7 things to look for in a rental apartment

Anyone who rents a property, particularly an apartment, knows that there are several things that are required to make the apartment more livable and comfortable for you. First and foremost should be security to ensure you and your belongings are safe at all times, check out Vivint cost. As a tenant in Malaysia, or Asia in general, you are required to look after the property, pay your rent on time and take care of any bills that come with the apartment. Therefore, there are several things that you should require from your landlord and apartment. Here are 7 things that you should look for in a rental apartment.

Safety and security

One of the main elements that you should look out for as a tenant renting an apartment is safety and security. our safety and security are two of the most important things, therefore you should feel safe and comfortable when in your own apartment just like in Hialeah apartments. Many apartments typically come with different security features, but you should always double check to see what they are. Security features could include door locks and keys, a passcode to enter the building complex and security cameras at the entrance of the property. Another great security feature to look out for is an alarm system, which can be a great benefit if you live alone or in an area where you feel unsafe. These security features will also give you peace of mind when you are out of your apartment, knowing that your space and belongings are safe.

Another important feature to look for in a rental apartment is a clean and well-maintained space. How clean and well-kept an apartment is can say a lot about the building complex and even about the landlord of the apartment. If an apartment has been neglected or left in a mess by previous tenants, it is the landlord’s duty to clean and fix up the apartment ready for you to move in. Even though it is one of the basic requirements of a landlord, it can be easily overlooked. The majority of apartments within Malaysia are well kept and clean, so check out this Penang rental apartment if you are on the look out for a clean and bright rental apartment.

Functioning appliances

Another key factor that you should look out for in a rental apartment is that all the appliances that it offers are working correctly. This could include any appliances found in the kitchen, living room or bathroom that you need in your day-to-day life. If you pay rent for an apartment and all of its features, you should ensure that they are functioning and fit for use. Most apartments come with the basic appliances such as an oven, washing machine, shower and much more, so before you move into your new apartment make sure that these are all working.

Repairs and replacements

Following on from having functioning appliances in your apartment, as a tenant you have the right to get these appliances repaired if they are not working properly. Landlords have a duty to their tenants to repair or replace anything in the apartment that is not functioning correctly. It is known that replacing appliances or getting them repaired can be costly and often requires hiring a professional to fix them. As a tenant you should be able to contact your landlord and they will solve the issue and cover any costs involved.

Storage and space

Although most apartments are known for being much smaller than regular houses, as a tenant you are still entitled to space and enough storage for all of your belongings. When viewing an apartment, you should check to see if there is enough space in the cupboards, cabinets and wardrobes for all of your belongings. Although if you are short for space in your apartment, there are many storage solutions that you can use to free up some room.

Parking and outdoor space

As well as having enough space within your apartment, another important thing that you should look for in a rental apartment is outdoor space. This can include a garden area and a car parking space. Most apartment buildings come with either an underground car park or a designated area for you to park your car in. It is also common for a lot of rental apartment buildings to come with a common garden or area for you to enjoy. These gardens are usually shared with all tenants that live in the apartment building.

A cooperative landlord

Lastly when renting an apartment one of the most important things that you should look for is a cooperative landlord. A landlord should be someone who is understanding of your needs, especially if you are a respectful tenant. Both you and your landlord should communicate well with each other and have a level of mutual respect.