7 Tips for Planning a Stress-Free Motorhome Trip

Road trips can be unpredictable and overwhelming, so it is always crucial to prepare for them thoroughly. In the case of motorhome trips, which usually are much longer and more demanding than just a long-distance ride, there are several things you can do in advance to ensure yourself a stress-free journey.

In this article, you will find X planning tips, ranging from reserving a campsite in advance and planning out your meals to downloading offline maps and making a packing list. Read on to find more advice to help you plan your next motorhome adventure carefully. Then, hop into your campervan (if you don’t have one, consider consulting Oaktree Motorhomes to make the best choice), and hit the road.

Plan Your Route

A good motorhome trip usually involves planned stops, especially if you are travelling for a longer period of time and crossing multiple states or countries. Planning your route in advance can help you avoid wasting time on roads that are not interesting enough to drive or do not have any destination to reach.

In addition, when you plan your route in advance, you have more time to scout out attractive tourist destinations to visit during your trip. You can even take into account the best driving times and plan accordingly. For instance, if your schedule allows you to drive during the nighttime, you can choose a route that takes you through less populated areas to get to your campsite earlier.

Plan Your Meals

Planning your meals in advance is important because it helps you save money and ensures that you do not run out of food during your trip. When planning your meals, try to stick to the most affordable option instead of going to restaurants every day. For example, if you are on a motorhome trip, you can cook inside and take along some ingredients such as pasta, rice, vegetables, and eggs. This way, you will save money as well as time.

You can also consult online guides to find cheap and delicious recipes that are easy to make from ingredients that you take on the trip.

Plan Your Stops

When planning your stops for the day, ensure that they are as interesting as possible and have something to offer to your family and friends. Try to include fun activities such as visiting museums, hiking, and sightseeing. If possible, do some research about the attractions around the area so that you know exactly what to expect when you get there.

Thinking ahead like this will ensure you always have a safe spot to sleep. People visiting and driving around Oklahoma like to find an RV park in Broken Bow that is clean, quiet, and accommodating. The right spots to stop will make or break your trip, do some research to optimize this and be thorough.

Book Your Campsite in Advance

It is better to book your campsite in advance instead of finding one when you are already exhausted after a long drive. If possible, try to book a campsite that has an electric plug-in point so that you can charge your cell phone, laptop, and other devices while at the campsite. Campsites with electric points usually charge more than their non-electric counterparts but provide modern amenities such as restrooms with showers and laundry services.

Download Offline Maps

Maps are essential if you want to navigate through unknown territory. Therefore, it is best to download offline maps so that they do not eat up your data plan while driving. There are many maps that can be downloaded directly from the online app stores.

Create a Packing List

Creating a packing list is an essential part of planning a successful motorhome trip. A packing list allows you to prepare all the things you need for your trip in advance so that you do not forget anything when it is time to leave. An easy way to create a list is by using a spreadsheet program on Excel or Google Drive. You can also consider downloading special apps.

To make an effective packing list, try organizing all the things into categories such as clothing, toiletries, electronics, and gadgets. Then, write a checklist and pack according to it.

Put Travel Documents in One Place

It is always good to keep all your documents in one place instead of carrying them separately in different bags or pockets. You never know when you will need them or how often different authorities will require them at different checkpoints during your trip. Create a travel binder and put it in someplace in the car where you can easily access it.

A Final Note

RV travel is an exciting way to explore new places without cutting back on comfort. Moreover, it allows you to go on trips while socially distancing, which is essential in today’s challenging times. However, it’s not enough to hop into the RV and hit the road. Some thorough planning is essential to make the journey worry-free.

Our checklist was meant to make your life easier. Here, you have found the most important points of planning an RV trip. When you take care of the route, meals, stops, accommodation and luggage, life will be much easier. What’s left then is only to enjoy.