A Beginner’s Guide to Skincare

Do you always find yourself asking questions like: “Why does my face need a mini rolling pin?” and “Do I need a cleanser, toner, serum, and moisturizer?” And your head starts to spin when you see a large number of skin products to choose from. Moreover, how can you know what suits your skin?

If this seems like a gigantic task to you, you are not alone. Many people just ignore caring about their skin, just for the reason above. However, if you want to change that all you need to do is read further and follow this guide.

How to know my skin type?

The first thing you need to know is that your skincare routine should be based on your skin type. If you already know your skin type, very well! However, if you are one of those who still struggle to know about their skin type, don’t lose hope. Here is a simple conclusion for you, if you have a patchy sort of skin, which means you have dry skin. If it is shiny, which tends to catch acne quite often, it means you have oily skin. If there are patches of your skin that tend to be oilier than others it means your skin is a combination of both, dry and oily.

The next step is pretty easy, if your skin is dry, keep yourself hydrated with creamy formulas and products that contain hyaluronic acid, and if you want skincare with no microbeads, drink as much as water possible. For candidates with oilier skin types, the gel formula is the best option.

These are the easiest methods which will take care of your skin

The essential products you’ll need in a routine are a cleanser, a serum, a moisturizer, and a sunscreen. All you need to do is, add these products to your daily skincare routine and you are all set.

First, make sure you are applying the right amount of products on your skin, so they get the time to settle in. Second, while you are at layering the products, always start with a product that has the thinnest consistency and continues from there.

Following this thought train, listed below in the order in which you should use these products. As mentioned above, most of the time, the basic products are enough but you can always add additional products whenever you feel like.


The first thing you’ll need to do is clean your face with a good quality cleanser. You can use it twice a day. Cleansing removes all the dirt, pollution, skin debris, and oil; you have accumulated throughout the day. A quick tip: Use a cleanser according to your skin type.


Toners rebalance your skin’s pH levels. It can also help with brightening and hydrating your skin.


This is a condensed liquid; it balances out your skin while hydrating it. It acts similar to a serum. You can apply it with a cotton pad, or simply with your fingers.


You can find a serum for every type of skin, such as brightening, hydrating, preventing wrinkles, protection from the environment, and so on. Serums are the richest in active ingredients inside a skincare product. For that reason always opt for a high-quality serum.


This step is one of the most important step. Once you have applied the serum, then take out your anti pimple products. Always keep in mind, that you are applying these products on your affected skin areas, as these products tend to contain a decent amount of salicylic acid, which dries out the skin

Eye cream

Many experts believe that you should start applying eye creams in your early 20s. And the best way to apply it with your ring finger with a gentle touch, so it does not get into your eyes.


In the end, a moisturizer is made to protect the barriers of your skin. It helps your skin to contain moisture at all costs. If you have oily skin, a water-based gel moisturizer is ideal for you, avoid using any thick creams.


This is a simple guide for skincare, which anyone can follow. Your skin is the largest organ on your body and you cannot afford to ignore it. If you want the best results out of skincare products, make sure you use products according to your skin type. Try to follow a routine and you’ll have a happy face with radiant skin.