A Comprehensive Guide to  Men’s Accessories

Accessories can be an afterthought in many men’s minds, or even completely overlooked by some, but the fact is that they can add a whole new dimension to your outfit and help you look well put together. Here are just a few of the ways you can elevate your outfits and style by incorporating accessories with confidence.

A Watch

One of the staples of a man’s accessory closet is a high-quality watch. Not only can the right watch elevate your outfit tenfold, but they can also be incredible investment pieces if you choose to start a collection. For example, a TAG Heuer watch can add sophistication to any outfit.

A good watch is a timeless accessory for any man (no pun intended!) and is also highly practical, helping you arrive on time no matter how busy you are. It looks far more professional, not to mention classy, to check your watch when you want to know the time, versus checking your phone screen, for example.


Not only do belts have the practical function of providing the right fit for your trousers, but they add fashion points too. Matching the colour and material of your belt to your shoes can help create an overall cohesive look for your outfit so don’t overlook this small decision when it comes to choosing what to wear.

Remember that you should always wear a belt when wearing suit trousers that have belt loops along with a tucked-in shirt, as without one, the belt loops on your suit trousers will look odd. On the flipside, if you have a professionally tailored suit then you won’t necessarily need a belt and may want to allow the tailoring to speak for itself. In fact, you may find that your trousers don’t even have belt loops in this case! Likewise, tuxedos are often worn with a cummerbund rather than a belt.


Nobody wants to be caught with their hands full or trying to juggle their belongings when arriving for a business meeting or catching the train after a busy day and yet many men will try to struggle along without using a bag, stuffing their essentials into their pockets instead.

While we may think of men’s bags as a fairly recent development, in reality, men have been carrying bags for centuries. Whether you opt for a briefcase-style bag or satchel to fit a laptop and important papers, or something more casual, like a small backpack or crossbody bag, there is a wide range of options to suit any style. Before settling on your chosen bag, it’s important to consider what you need to be able to fit into your bag every day and then use that to narrow down the choices available in your style.