A Practical Guide To Decorating A Room In A Rented Home

Living in a rented apartment offers many benefits. Therefore, millions choose to live in apartments, as it offers something different to a traditional home. With that said, if you are renting, you may face restrictions from the landlord regarding making permanent changes. Even without barriers, most people assume it is not worth decorating such apartments as they don’t feel at home. A home is a home irrespective of ownership, so you should look to create a fulfilling and welcoming environment in any room. Here’s how to decorate a rental house and feel happy.  

Use Decorative Wallpaper 

Your room’s first impressions begin with the walls, so make them aesthetically pleasing! Most of the time, landlords will give you an apartment with monotonous white walls, but you can still do a lot with this.

Looking at those naked walls for extended periods may be boring, so you should spice it up! There are numerous room wallpaper ideas to give your walls some flair. The detachable nature of most wallpapers allows you to try out different types until you discover your best fit! Ensure you check with your landlord first, just in case.

Invest In Good Lighting 

Consider the lighting demands for your rooms. Do you get sufficient natural sunlight to light your environment? If you don’t, then you should invest in different lighting types like floor and table lamps. They are excellent ways to decorate a rental home and give it a warm glow and welcoming nature. Get LED bulbs which are more environmentally friendly and last between 10 and 15 years. Changes as seemingly insignificant as adding good lighting can significantly impact your rental home. 

Repaint Old Furniture 

Landlords may rule against making permanent changes to room walls, but there are methods to go around it! Create an elegant room by repainting bookcases, storage units and all furniture with decorative colours. If you consider your home boring, chances are that the furniture’s colours are old and need a retouch. 

Add Fitted Curtains 

You don’t have to settle with the mini-blinds that most rental properties have. DIY curtains are a simple way to spruce up your windows. Curtains are a simple way to soften a space or cover an unsightly blind. You can use beautiful sheer drapes, easy fit blackout blinds or heavy block-out curtains. 

You should ensure you fit in curtains that suit the apartment and are the right size. For this reason, it is best to use colourful, made-to-measure curtains from reputable stores like The Sewing House. They’re a reliable curtain company in the United Kingdom that provides quality UK-made products from different designer fabrics to give your room a new touch.  

Add Decorative Plants 

Generally, apartments with green plants appear more welcoming than ones without them. An innovative way to decorate your rental home is to adorn rooms with plants. Mixing flowers can ensure that the colour of your in-house garden is evenly distributed. You may use it in the corners and along the walls in any way you see fit. Plants in your rooms improve their beauty and general health and well-being.  

Showcase Favourite Art Collections 

Adding your favourite photographs, artworks, and wall décor can suddenly transform your room into a place that feels like home. Get paintings that can blend with a wide range of colour schemes. Use temporary room decorations by employing detachable hooks, strips, and tape to prevent holes in the walls. Even if you don’t have wall space, you may rest your artwork against a wall or even on the floor if it’s a huge piece.

You don’t need to frame every artwork. Many unconventional wall art alternatives are available today, from abstract wall hangings to touch-activated wall lighting. There are even innovative interactive options that you can control wirelessly using smartphone apps.

Put A Fancy Rug 

Placing fancy rugs in the middle of a room can transform a space. Rugs can quickly liven up your flooring, no matter what style you want, whether it’s bright or dull, plain or patterned, floral or geometric. You can also use them to cover any undesirable floor stains or blemishes. 

Do you have drab carpets, wood floorboards, or cheap linoleum flooring in your rental home? To decorate your rental home, you should opt for spectacular rugs that will make your room aesthetically pleasing. Choose ones that blend your favourite patterns and colours to show off a bit of your personality.

Selecting a rug size depends on the size of your room and the arrangement of your furniture. Avoid making the blunder of purchasing a rug that is too small. To avoid seeming haphazard, go with a size up if you’re unsure or doubt the fit.


Just because you stay in a rented apartment doesn’t mean you can’t personalise your home. Despite restrictions from the landlord, you can also decorate your home and give it a lively feeling. Purchase colourful made-to-measure curtains, revamp your furniture, add creative wallpapers and favourite artworks and spice your room to your taste!