Acqua Di Parma brightens St. Moritz with a bespoke Fiat 500 Jolly Spiaggina to present its car fragrance diffusers

This winter, the iconic Italian sophistication of Acqua di Parma will grace the frosty terrains of St. Moritz on the terrace of the renowned Langosteria St. Moritz. From the 19th to the 25th of February, a spectacle of Italian craftsmanship and Arte di Vivere will be showcased through a specially customised Fiat 500 Jolly Spiaggina, the result of an exclusive collaboration with Garage Italia Customs.

The sunny disposition of the Fiat 500 Jolly Spiaggina, resplendent in Acqua di Parma’s signature yellow, brings a touch of Italian vibrancy to the winter chill. This unique vehicle, typically reminiscent of Mediterranean shores, has been transformed for the alpine setting.

Ready to navigate the snowy landscape, the traditional open-top design, reminiscent of leisurely coastal drives, will feature luxurious rattan seats covered in eco-fur, marrying the car’s beach heritage with the lavish apres-ski mood of the season. At the rear, a rattan core basket, intricately woven, will showcase Acqua di Parma’s Car fragrance Diffusers. The woven elements are produced by Bonacina, a storied Italian brand that heralds the artisanal technique of finely curved rattan canes.

The Acqua di Parma Car Fragrance Diffuser is a design object conceived by the multi-award-winning design duo GamFratesi with every detail crafted to offer an all-around polysensory experience. It is set in a leather cover that reflects Acqua di Parma’s research in raw material of the finest quality. Carefully selected in collaboration with some of the most acclaimed Italian leather tanneries with centuries-old know-how, the beautiful and soft Made in Italy material is expertly tanned and hand-finished.

Available in four colours, yellow, brown, red and grey, its circular shape is inspired by the iconic boxes of Acqua Di Parma and is a perfect fit for any interior with its simple and intuitive mounting system that allows for easy magnetic attachment to the car’s ventilation grill.

The surprising installation, extends an open invitation to the public, offering a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the quintessential Italian art of living and to discover the polysensory experience of the Car fragrance Diffusers. Intertwining the thrill of classic car racing with the allure of Italian luxury, immerse in an oasis of warmth, fragrance, and Italian charm amidst the snowy mountains.

Acqua Di Parma car diffusers start from £144 with 10 classic fragrance refills to choose from.