Altering the Color of the Eyes in the Photos – Impact and More

The eyes indeed reflect the soul of any person. This part of the human body is very sensitive and it fully transmits the feelings of its owner in daily life. In photography, eyes play a crucial role when making portraits. If you would like to experiment by altering the color of your eyes, is a cutting-edge editor that can help with this task. It can also open lots of other opportunities to adjust and upgrade your portrait. But, let’s consider the impact of replacing the color of the eyes on the entire portrait first.


How altering the color of the eyes impacts a portrait and why this is helpful

Apart from simply enjoying the process, there are many useful things you can find out about after replacing the color of your eyes. They strongly impact the entire portrait. Here they are:

  • You may realize your dream of having a different eye color. Some people are fond of a particular eye color which they don’t have. Modifying the eye color is a top-notch option to have the desired eye color. Typically, replacing the eye color alters the entire appearance drastically.
  • This may help you to select the color lenses. Changing the eye color may not be restricted to the photos only. But, such photos may easily give you a better understanding of whether a particular eye color can suit you well. Purchasing color eye lenses is pretty costly compared with neutral lenses.  So, modifying the eye color on photos may save lots of your funds and help to make a better purchase in the end.
  • You can experiment with the new makeup styles. If you decide to replace your eye color by wearing the color eye lenses, you may need to think about the new makeup styles. PRO photo editors will assist you to pick the best strategies for your new makeup. Again, you may save lots of funds and purchase the exact cosmetics you may need.
  • By applying professional photo editors, you may realize the craziest ideas and make thematic photos. For instance, you can make splendid Halloween photos by making your eyes red, blue, green, violet, etc. Who said that you are limited to natural colors only? Advanced photo editors provide room for experiments and fun.

Tips to know when replacing the eye color

If you are keen on the idea of modifying your eye color and would like to get several tips, here are some to help you:

  • You need to formulate the idea about how your eyes should look in the end. Opt for the exact eye color to make the next process well-arranged. 
  • The important precondition for modifying the eye color is to highlight clearly the exact eye area. On the top of it, you will place the adjustment layer. 
  • If you are not confident about how to modify the eye color, watch tutorials. This process may indeed be complicated for a beginner. Various tutorials will provide a view to the point. In this course, RetouchMe provides a clear and intuitive interface so even a beginner can cope with changing the eye color effortlessly. 
  • Apply ready filters. Before starting some brave experiments with eye color, prefer choosing the existing filters. By putting those on the top of the selected area of your eyes, you can ease the process a lot. 
  • Experiment with diverse gradients. Adding this top layer may substantially ease your editing work. It can produce a really striking effect. 
  • Don’t neglect to edit the areas near your eyes a bit. If you have started with polishing  your portrait, do your best to upgrade it a bit. For instance, you may easily smooth the edges of your eyes a bit. This can easily help you to eliminate the wrinkles and blemishes that may be in place. Those may become especially noticeable after modifying the usual eye color. 
  • For a better effect, you may also think about cropping your photo. This will put a great emphasis on your new eyes. 
  • Adjusting the contrast and light parameters can also further bolster your photo. Experiment with these parameters to find the exact combination for your new portrait. This option can be helpful since it can enable you to make your eyesight deeper.

Bottom line

Playing with the eye color is the thing that can dramatically boost the entire portrait. This feature opens room to change something that couldn’t be changed under any circumstances. It can help you to realize your dream, produce a thematic photo, or pick the right eye lenses to alter your appearance. Advanced photo editors enable you to actually change your appearance in minutes. Removing wrinkles and other deficiencies near your eyes can also further upgrade your portrait. RetouchMe has an easy and intuitive interface for this purpose and can easily help you with many other options.