Aurora residents urged to report concerns about Highland Gate property

Aurora residents urged to report concerns about Highland Gate property

One resident, who wished not to be named due to the current conflict between the town, developer and residents, contacted media with photos of a dead goose, fish and large branches in the pond blocking water flow, as well as a decaying animal on the sixth fairway that could be a coyote or dog.

The mess and decay has been there untouched for weeks.canada goose vest

back up of water has created an extreme safety hazard in this pond and is deplorable, the resident said. (Ministry Of Environment) should be called in. This is not what we would expect from a developer that is working to enhance our community.

Highland Gate Developments Inc. has confirmed it has received complaints from two concerned residents regarding an incident with a dead goose in a pond, according to spokesperson Cheryl Shindruk. An ecologist from Beacon Environmental was called in to investigate. The goose has since been removed by the maintenance contractor, who is currently on site week days for grass cutting and general grounds maintenance.

ecologist confirmed that the habitat in the ponds and the watercourse are suitable for local wildlife, Shindruk added. are not aware of any other animals requiring removal.

The ecologist also identified the need to repair a small portion of the pond bank, where minor erosion has occurred. A technical team has prepared remediation plans and permits are being obtained to restore the bank.