Become a Better Golf Player With These Useful Tips From the Pros

Did you know that the United States has about two million beginner golfers every year? More than 456 million rounds are played annually. If you are trying to get better, you are in good company. Great golfers start by working on the fundamentals. From perfecting your swing to gripping the club right, there is a lot to learn. With practice, your improvements will soon turn into effortless actions. Check out this article with golf puns and then check our with a few tips from the pros to make you a great golfer. 

Use the Wind

The wind is a golfer’s friend, and you must learn how to use it to your advantage. The idea of playing when it is windy may seem intimidating, but it doesn’t need to be. Pro golfers know how to take advantage of heavy winds. For example, your approach depends on the direction of the wind, no matter what shot you are attempting. The wind will win no matter how far you hit the golf ball. Your best option is letting the wind help. When the winds are strong, hitting a fade is better than a traditional tee shot. It allows the wind to bring your ball back to the fairway. 

Pick the Right Golf Club

Most golf players choose their clubs based on shaft length. Ideally, the shaft length must be consistent with your physical strength and height. However, the pros know that there is a lot more to consider. Avoid big brand names and choose something that works for you. According to the team at, buying the same model as your favorite pros will not guarantee success. Your decision should be based on your physical condition, gender, and general ability. 

Consider the thickness of your grip. If you have a thin grip, it may lead to large hand actions. If it is too thick, your hands may be restricted, which is equally bad. The perfect grip allows you to hold your club with the ring and middle fingers of the left hand. Your thumb should have a very slight touch of the pad. If your finger isn’t touching your thumb, your grip is too large. 

Align Your Clubhead

Poor club alignment is one of the most common beginner mistakes. You must ensure that your club is well-aligned during all your shot attempts. Assess your target from behind the table when trying to align the club. Doing the above, you get a good view of the hole and the best place for your ball close to the green. Please do not take your stance before setting your clubhead behind the golf ball and aligning it directly in the direction of the target. 

Don’t Change Your Stance

Avoid changing your stance even though you may be instinctively inclined to do it. Maintaining a traditional stance regardless of the hole will make you a better golfer. Even though it is okay to make adjustments with your stance width and body angle, don’t change your entire stance depending on the shot length or the type of club you are using. 

Learn How to Grip

Once you become an experienced golfer, you will have a solid grip on the club. When you are just starting, focus on the position of the handle. Keep it between your palm and first knuckle. Apply the other hand to wrap nicely around the club handle. The index fingers and thumbs must form two ‘V’ shapes to attain a firm grip.

Play for More Breaks

Missing a putt on the lower part of the green is not so bad. Since golf balls don’t roll upwards on inclines, you have a reasonable likelihood of making par for the hole. If, however, you miss a putt on the upper sides, the ball is likely to roll and get into the cup. The goal is to maintain speed and allow some room for mistakes. This way, you afford a break. The ball will be slow enough to get into the hole. 

Perfect Chip Shots

You can use wedges from 120 yards around the green. A sound chip shot aims to drop your ball on the green with an as minimal roll as possible. With a heavy head and open face, the best club to use is the wedge. Approach the swing just like you would approach a driver. Even though the chip isn’t a long movement, the swing and posture are a lot like a drive. Professional golfers advise that you use more clubs than you initially think is necessary. 

When playing golf, you must understand that it is impossible to become a great player in one day. Even when you know all the basic rules, being excellent at the game takes time and practice. Simple yet effective tips include using the wind to your advantage, choosing the right golf club, and learning how to grip.