Best Female Football Players in the World

It’s hard not to be inspired and amazed by the best female football players in the world. The top of female football is filled with talented and strong women, who are determined like few others. Here’s a list of five of the best female football players in the world.

The list of the best female football players in the world could be extremely long. In this list, we’ve named the top five of the best world’s best female football players. If you’re interested in getting to know more than these five, you can easily find a list of the top 100 female footballers in the world. In this article, you can get to know the best of the best, namely the top five.

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1. Pernille Harder

The Danish Chelsea forward Pernille Harder has been named the best female football player in the world several times. She was also named the women’s footballer of the year in Germany when she played for Wolfsburg. Shortly after she transferred to Chelsea for the world record transfer fee. She has also been named player of the year by UEFA in 2020. Harder is without a doubt the best female football player right now.

2. Vivianne Miedema

The twenty-four-year-old Arsenal player Vivianne Miedema scores goals like few others. Furthermore, she has also recorded the most assists. This is quite an amazing combination that clearly shows that she is one of the best in the world. She also won the Golden Boot in the WLS in 2020. Miedema is still at the beginning of her career, where there is no doubt she’ll continue to impress the world of football.

3. Lucy Bronze

English defender Lucy Bronze is of indispensable value to her team Manchester City. Bronze is one of the most solid defenders in the field but at the same time manages to record an incredible number of assists. She has also been named BBC’s Women’s Footballer of the Year.

4. Wendie Renard

Wendie Renard combines the skill of being a great defender with posing a serious attacking threat. She is tied for the most shots on the target in the world and scores a number of goals that will make you think she’s a forward. At the moment, she’s playing for the French team Lyon, a team that continues to dominate the world of European football.

5. Dzsenifer Marozsán

Another Lyon player on this list is the twenty-eight-year-old Dzsenifer Marozsán. This German player is one of the most creative and talented players in the world. Her contribution to the many wins of Lyon made her be named the Champions League midfielder of this season. It seems like Marozsán is only getting better and better every year.

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