Bubbledogs at 45

An American staple dish elevated with luxury – this summer, experience an unlikely combination of hotdogs and champagne at alfresco pop-up, ‘Bubbledogs at 45’. The latest takeover at 45 Park Lane’s terrace, CUT Out, is a collaboration between Elliott Grover, executive chef at CUT, and the renowned founders of Bubbledogs, Sandia Chang and James Knappett.

Available for lunch and dinner until September, the Mayfair outdoor space twists the ordinary into the exceptional with delicious dogs topped with luxurious treats. The innovative menu is accompanied by a breezy BBQ vibe, just outside of the 5 star hotel. Bubbledogs at 45 showcases a passion for the finest ingredients, featuring hotdogs crafted by The Franconian Sausage Company and rolls from the CUT Pastry Kitchen to guarantee the best experience from the simplest of concoctions.

For the dogs, highlights include the Native Dog, a decadent creation with crispy lobster tempura, Marie rose sauce, and beluga caviar – the deluxe combination of roe and lobster turns a lobster roll into an even more decadent celebration. Also, The Kagoshima, featuring A5 Wagyu striploin, Japanese mayo, and shaved summer truffle. The highest end of ingredients converted into an incredibly moorish bite. The nostalgic appeal of a summer classic lifted to new heights for added indulgence.

The lavish experience is further improved by the pairing with curated grower Champagne, selected to complement and enhance the flavours of the shameless not-so-junk junk food.

Alongside the dogs and bubbles, the feast continues. The American classic tater tots spiced with Japanese togarashi offer a delightful kick, while CUT’s famed Mac & Cheese delivers rich, creamy perfection. The Bubbledogs signature Buffalo Chicken Wings are a must-try, boasting a perfect balance of heat and tanginess.

Dessert at Bubbledogs at 45 is no different. A chocolate hot dog features rich Jivara chocolate ganache, served on a chewy cinnamon brioche with a vibrant cherry and passion fruit sauce, offering a sweet but shocking finale.

The team at Bubbledogs have done it again, through innovation and collaboration with 45 Park Lane, they’ve brought together the best of both worlds – the casual fun of hotdogs and the sophistication of gourmet dining, all set against the chic backdrop of Mayfair. Don’t miss the most delightfully over-the-top BBQ experience this summer and indulge in dogs and fizz all evening.