Can Bald Men Look Attractive? All You Need to Know

Let us find an answer to this question.

Many studies claim that bald men are more attractive and bald men are bigger and stronger. Studies also show that bald men are successful too.

But men who are bald or are planning to go bald generally have constant self-doubt that lowers their confidence. Appearance is a common thing we all worry about and only to be liked and get validation by other people. The most common question that pops up in a bald man’s mind is “will women find bad men attractive?”

After consulting various studies we have found answers to the above question.

Why do men lose hair?

First, let us know the reasons for losing hair. It depends on the immune system, infections, genetics, medical issues, medical contraindications, impulse control disorder, and stress or shock. Overcoming all challenges is never easy.

More than 55% percent of hair loss men face by the age of 70. Men between the ages of 20-21 have started going bald now-a-day. According to NHS research conducted says that 25% of men suffer from MPB (Male Pattern Baldness) mainly due to stress.

Reading these reasons can we find any reason to not find bald men attractive?

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What do women feel about bald men?

A survey conducted shows that 88% percent of women like bald men and have a positive attitude towards it and a minority of 12% had a negative attitude. Many women have said that the attractive factor in men is not decided by the presence or absence of hair. 

The personality of a man decides his attractiveness. Some women even said that they find baldness as an example of nakedness that is a sign of transparency and honesty thus they find bald men easier to trust. Some women even find baldness an insignificant matter. 

When women are asked about their primary deciding factors, they mostly responded that they liked the personal characteristics of men like a sense of humor, sociability, intelligence, and confidence. They were least concerned with the fact that the man has hair on his head or not. Studies have shown that bald men tend to be more successful. 

Prime examples are many Hollywood actors and even entrepreneurs to scientists who have bald men. A few names to mention in the current time are Dwayne Johnson, Patrick Stewart, Jeff Bezos, and many more. 

Women also suggested that if a man is undergoing hair loss they should shave their head without any hesitation. Men should not try to camouflage their loss. Confidence is the key to attracting a woman. If a man is confident with himself then he is a lady’s man for sure. 

Hair was never the ideal criteria for judging a man. Women also find that some accessories goe better with a bald head rather than a head full of hair. For example, a woman in a survey mentioned that round glasses pop better on a man’s bald head.

So men, do not hide it. If you have got a bald head, flaunt it!

So the answer to the question is, do bald men look good? Is an absolute YES.