Common Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing An Accommodation Before Your Trip

Booking your accommodation right before a trip is one of the cardinal mistakes you can make and ensure the worst vacation in your lifetime. Everyone who ever planned their perfect vacation trip will confirm that vacation planning is a whole process if you want all the things to go smoothly. Without any doubt, a vacation trip is one of the best ways to have a memorable time and make you forget about all of your problems and work stress even for a short period of time. However, sometimes, unconsciously, we make mistakes that potentially lead us to awkward situations. On our noble quest to avoid these situations, here are some of the most common mistakes we make while choosing accommodation and how to avoid them. 

Customer Reviews

Usually, we trust pictures on the Internet more than the actual opinions of the people who spent time in the particular accommodation, and this is the place where we make fatal mistakes. In some cases, we get disappointed with a hotel, service, or food so that our vacation is ruined. So, if you have stumbled upon the hotel that caught your attention, and you are considering making the reservation, then you should firstly skip to the comments section and see what are the opinions of the people who used to spend their time there. You might be confused at first because there will usually be both positive and negative comments. In this scenario, you should rely on your own judgment and compare these. If negative comments outnumber the positive ones, then you should probably look for another hotel. Another thing that will help you find the hotel that suits you is by consulting websites like This Hotel and see what are the best hotels and other types of accommodation in more than 80 destinations. These kinds of websites may assist you in making informed decisions and ensuring that your vacation is a memorable one.

Not Knowing the Right Season 

Weather conditions may considerably vary depending on the destination, and some seasons have to do with the hotel prices as well. If you want to book your vacation on a budget, then it is best to book the hotels off-season, since, during this period, hotel rates are cheaper. One of the most common mistakes we make is booking our hotels during peak season when market prices skyrocket due to people’s eagerness to spend their best time at their favorite place, and we end up spending a ridiculously high amount of money. Sometimes, this is the cause of us not booking a vacation at all. In order to avoid these mistakes, it is good to know that the off-season period in Europe lasts from November to March and for some other countries like Singapore it lasts from August until October. Off-season periods depend on the country, therefore, this should be a thing you should implement into your pre-vacation research. 


Obviously, location is one of the most important factors when choosing your accommodation. But imagine this, you have booked a hotel with a perfect room, garden, and breakfast, but all of the locations you want to pay a visit to are actually too far away. This happens because we usually get distracted by great deals by some hotels so we forget to check out the location. It is not recommended to take a taxi to the place you want to visit since taxi drivers have a habit of asking for some funny money. Therefore, before you pick up your accommodation, then you should look in the distance from all of the places you got on your list of the locations you want to visit. It is a great thing if you find your accommodation near the public transportation amenities which you can use as the means of your transportation and get to see more than you have originally planned. 

Rates Comparison 

We often stumble upon some phenomenal accommodation offers with flashing “Best Price” banners, however, these are a trap. Skipping rates comparison is one of the biggest mistakes you should really avoid, due to numerous reasons. Firstly, if one hotel gives you a good offer, it does not mean that there are no other cheaper alternatives. This is the reason why comparing rates is an extremely important step in your perfect accommodation choice. 

When it comes to selecting the ideal holiday hotel, we sometimes overlook important details. However, there are a few standbys among these blunders that we should avoid at all costs if we want to have a good time and save money.