Ecotherapy: 6 Benefits of Connecting with Nature

Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads. That is a direct quote from perhaps one o the world’s first naturalists of the modern world, Henry David Thoreau. It’s not difficult to comprehend what it means, and regardless of religious affiliation (or lack thereof), the truth behind the quote remains the same. We live in a world that is one in a billion, perhaps even trillions, and the sheer beauty of what we have right beneath our feet and above our heads is a marvel to behold. The natural world also has an uncanny ability to heal the soul during times of anguish, melancholy, depression, and grief, and all it takes is a pair of shoes and the will to get up and get out. This post will explore six wondrous advantages that arise from reconnecting with nature that everyone will benefit from.

Nature-Based Therapy Is Amazing For Recentering Your Mind

The contemporary world we inhabit is full of the kinds of things that can cause the human mind to spiral out of control very rapidly. Whether fretting about rolling news coverage of world events, issues at school, or family or financial strife, your mind can quickly begin to deteriorate and unravel. There is something healing about nature that provides your mind the time and space it needs to recover and untangle itself from the negative thoughts that can sometimes consume it. According to this press release by, ecotherapy is a great way to make your problems subside and recenter your mind abc into a state of equilibrium, which is thus better able to handle the harmful forces that bombard it on a daily basis. Once you have spent a couple of days outdoors, you will feel a distinct difference in the way you look at the world and your own situation.

The Great Outdoors Will Improve Your Health

It goes without saying that the more time you can spend out in the open, the better your health will be. You don’t have to put on the lycra and head out for an intense 100km cycle ride to reap the rewards; simply strolling through your local park is enough to get the blood flowing, and the cobwebs are well and truly blown away.

You Will Get Your Daily Dose Of Natural Vitamin D

It has been categorically proven that vitamin D is a vital component of your health and enables the body to function correctly and protect itself from disease. Consequently, the best way to receive your daily dose is by spending at least 30 minutes outside every day. Although you can get your required amount via supplementation, you should only need this if you happen to live in the Arctic Circle! As with everything in life, natural methods are usually the best (unless you require medications prescribed by a doctor). Vitamin D is no different, and just as you should meet your other vitamins and mineral requirements from eating natural foods, so should you get your vitamin D from the great ball of fire in the sky.

You May Come Across Intriguing Locations In Your Neighborhood That You Were Unaware Of

It’s incredible to think that people can live in a neighborhood for years without even meeting their neighbors outside of those who live directly next door. Unfortunately, this is an all too common occurrence, but one that is also the antithesis of a cohesive community and society. Why not get out when the sun is shining and take a stroll around the place you live, engage in conversation with those around you, and explore the various locations that you might never have thought of visiting? You never know what you might find and what wonders you will discover.

It Provides You An Opportunity To Clarify Your Thoughts

Walking can provide a much-needed respite from the trials and tribulations of work and private life. If you have ever found yourself paralyzed and unable to see a clear path forward, the natural world might well be the solution. There is something utterly freeing about having the ground beneath your feet and the endless skies above your head to clarify and consolidate your thoughts. You can opt for heading out and enjoying the glorious sounds of nature or put your earphones in and turn on your favorite tunes; it really doesn’t matter. The key is being outside.

You Will Very Quickly Come To A Realization That There Many Of Your Worries Are Trivial

Almost everyone has worries in their life; this is part of the human condition. However, when you allow these issues to take over your very being, you can quickly descend into anxiety, depression, and a raft of other negative thought processes. However, when you step away from these issues, you soon have an epiphany that most of the stuff you are fretting about is trivial and of no significance to you.

There is something transcendental about participating in a bit of ecotherapy, from its ability to suck out your negative energy and breathe new life back into your soul to the numerous health benefits it can offer. It takes some willpower to get started, but once you’ve set foot outside for a few days, you will wonder why you have not done it more frequently and soon become addicted to nature!