Estiva at The Chelsea Harbour Hotel

A peaceful retreat by the waterside, Estiva offers a captivating view over the Chelsea Harbour. Set within the Chelsea Harbour Hotel, which recently received a silver accreditation from Green Tourism, Estiva demonstrates the restaurant and hotel’s commitment to environmental responsibility, seamlessly blending sustainability with the allure of the Mediterranean and the distinctive sophistication of Chelsea.

As well as providing a stunning view that stretches across the serene Chelsea Harbour, Estiva utilises the rich bounty from land and sea to produce plates of elegance and taste. Behind the bar, the cocktail artisans at Estiva take inspiration from the depths of the ocean, crafting imaginative drinks alongside classics that tempt away from the impressive wine selection for something a bit more unique.

The allure of Estiva extends beyond its décor and menu. The venue comes to life with the soulful melodies from the grand piano, as regular live performances infuse the space with rhythm and artistry. This harmonious fusion of flavours, sights, and sounds elevates the dining experience to a realm of pure enjoyment and refined relaxation.

For those seeking a complete escape, the Chelsea Harbour Hotel provides the perfect complement to Estiva’s culinary delights. Guests can indulge in the luxury of a five-star stay, ensuring a seamless transition from exquisite slumber to a gastronomic awakening.

Delve into the menu and discover dishes like the nduja steamed mussels, where the robustness of the white wine sauce and the strong nduja spice perfectly complement the delicate seafood. The gorgonzola croquettes & prosciutto offer a playful contrast, where creamy meets crisp in a delightful interplay of flavours. The grilled whole lobster and dry aged sirloin steak stand as pinnacles of the surf and turf tradition, offering a luxurious journey through taste and texture with undeniable quality in each bite.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, an unlimited oysters selection at only £25 adds even more appeal to the waterside Anchor Bar. In the end, Estiva combines the Mediterranean’s spirit, the rhythm of music, and the tranquillity of Chelsea Harbour to produce moments of relaxation and refinement.