Exploring Lake Tahoe

There is an undeniable magic in the waters of Lake Tahoe, a spectacle that frames nature as a masterpiece. 

A trip to Lake Tahoe delivers both adventure and relaxation. It’s no wonder these shores have welcomed a plethora of famous guests and residents over the years, including Frank Sinatra and Marilyn Monroe.

Regardless of the season, there is always an abundance of opportunity to explore and enjoy this diverse landscape and vibrant community. From skiing, snowboarding, or sledding in winter, to waterfall walks in the spring, and beach days in summer. We visited in the Autumn, and it was truly enchanting. 

Start a morning at the Gateway Café, a local sanctuary for alpine comfort cuisine. This charming café offers a warm and inviting ambiance, making it the perfect place to fuel up for your adventures. Indulge in a wholesome and hearty breakfast, setting the stage for a day filled with discovery. The cafe also offers a convenient take-out menu for those wanting to enjoy delicious food on the move. 

A highlight of any trip to Lake Tahoe is the opportunity to explore by water.  It is the tenth deepest lake globally, with some of the purest water in existence. New findings from the Tahoe Environmental Research Centre, show that the lake is the clearest it has been since the 1980s. This is thanks, in part, to the return of native microscopic zooplankton. 

The brilliant team at Clearly Tahoe offer visitors the chance to explore this marvel of nature, through excursions in their transparent kayaks. As you glide away from the shoreline, enjoy the mesmerising waters beneath and learn of the rich history and beliefs of the Washoe tribe. By dusk, this transforms into a stargazing tour. A journey on the water or around its shores by e-bike or cycle is a must to appreciate its splendour and vivid colours. 

Whether exploring by water or by land, the crisp air, becomes an invigorating force.  A hike around Taylor Creek during autumn brings with it one of the season’s most incredible phenomena – the spawning of the crimson-hued Kokanee salmon. Specially constructed walkways and viewing platforms bring you up close to this incredible display of nature. 

As you traverse the expanse of hiking trails, you won’t ever be far from the local wildlife that calls Lake Tahoe home. The intertwining of nature and adventure creates an experience that is both active and relaxing, striking a perfect balance.

In Lake Tahoe, every moment is an invitation to savour the beauty that surrounds you – from the clear and invigorating waters that refresh your spirit to the shimmer of golden forest canopies. It is a destination where the wonders of nature create an extraordinary escape for those who seek it.



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