Freakshake – an Ultimate Guide to Australia’s Delicious Dessert Drinks

Do you have a sweet tooth that you just can’t seem to satisfy? The more you get, the more you need, but haven’t been able to find that treat that really sends you over the edge? They are overindulgent, overloaded, and overflowing with goodness – freakshakes. An absolutely delectable Australian invention, freakshakes have taken the world by storm, and for good reason.

They have taken the humble milkshake and turned the sweetness level up by 1000! These marvelous creations are typically topped with an assortment of things. Cream, cakes, sauce, and a handful of sweet treats garnish these monstrous dessert/drink mashups to create a tower of goodness. Here is an in-depth to these delicious dessert drinks.

A Formula for Success

Freakshakes seem to be a winning formula, which is quite funny considering they’re relatively simple at their base. Start with a simple ice-cream milkshake – it can be any flavor of your choice. Then, make sure that the glass is covered in a sauce of your choice – people use a variety of different sauces for this. You can use marshmallow fluff, cream, ganache, or a combination of various different sauces. From there, a variety of different toppings are added. This included an array of candies, cookies, etc. People trying to recreate this in their own homes has led to a rise in buying candy in Australia, to create a variety of their own unique creations. Some of these freakshakes can be as potent as 1,500 calories all in one serving.

There are all sorts of different types of spins that people are putting on the freakshake train. The “freakaccino” is one such iteration. Made to be more than a sugar rush, the “freakaccino” has a shot of espresso to wake you up the right way. Some even have a bit of peanut butter.

The Power of Social Media

A mason jar piled high with goodies is the Instagram image everyone has when they think of a freakshake. The idea of these striking creations is to be a feast for the stomach as well as the eye. They should look as good, if not better than they taste. The first bite is typically by the camera and is just another example of how crazy social media’s reach is. Instagram is the main reason for their popularity and gave them the perfect platform to be seen and coveted by people around the world. In a recent interview with a café who specializes in freakshakes, the manager said that they were hard-pressed to create a shake that wasn’t photographed the moment it arrived in front of a customer. Some cafés take their queue from social media suggestions. This has resulted in some pretty crazy concoctions. This has led to breakfast freakshakes made complete with cornflakes, for those who like the idea of a freakishly sweet breakfast.

It’s a Candyland Daydream

These marvelous creations look like something a kid might dream up, draw, and then try to make while unsupervised in the kitchen. With the basic idea being that one needs to pile as much as one can in one glass, these shakes are a Candyland dream that you could only expect to see in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. But that isn’t where they come from. The craze is said to have originated from a bistro in Australia called Patissez. This trend has been booming since 2015 when they launched their first few shakes and went viral. They were met with overwhelmingly good reviews and were flooded with orders. Milkshakes topped with ice cream, loaded with sauce, sprinkled with chocolate and other candies, and then topped with your choice of pretzel or cookies… It should stop there, but it doesn’t. Add more toppings until the towering, sweet creation is overflowing and ready to tumble

All Things in Moderation

The phenomenon has been cited as a slight bit controversial. As we mentioned earlier, these creations can contain as many as 1500 calories a pop. Health food critics have said that this is quite excessive in one go, especially since it doesn’t have much nutritional value. But other critics say that that is beside the point. Some go so far as to say that they are completely missing the point. These shakes are meant to be fun. They are in contrast to the usual unattainable health and fitness standards that are so popular today. They are fun and should make you feel happy, but don’t go having one of these a day. Moderation is important.

Freakshakes are a ton of fun and enjoyable for the stomach as well as the eye. This creation from Australia is something everyone should try at least once.